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What To Know About The Summer Job Cast (& Where To Follow Them On IG)


  • “Summer Job” on Netflix follows entitled Gen Z Italians competing for €100,000 by doing the one thing they dread the most: working for someone else.
  • Some stars rise to the occasion, while others stick to their spoiled ways, leading to penalties and eliminations.
  • Viewers can follow the cast members on Instagram to see what they’ve been up to since filming, including Sofia, Matthias, Pietro, Angelica, Melina, Lavinia, Marina, Samuele, Gian Marco, and Pit.



Summer Job hit Netflix in January 2023, and with an interesting premise and enough entertainment for everyone, there’s plenty that viewers should know about the cast and where they can find them online. Hosted by Matilde Gioli, Summer Job follows 10 entitled Gen Z Italians who have a serious aversion to working and think that they are in Mexico for a vacation but are actually locked in a competition for up to €100,000 (around $107,000). The catch is that the cast has to do the one thing they dread the most in order to remain on the show: work for someone else.

Naturally, while some stars of Netflix’s Summer Job rise to the occasion, others are set in their spoiled ways and aren’t as interested in following orders, which leads not only to a variety of penalties, but also a series of eliminations. With such an eclectic cast, fans of Summer Job who are already interested in a second season have been wondering where to follow the show’s stars online and catch up on what they’ve been up to since filming. Here’s what to know about each Summer Job contestant and what social media profiles they have.

Sofia Carollo

Sofia Carollo is 20 years old and resides in Centocelle, a town outside of Rome. In addition to her “love-hate relationship with her mother, Sofia has never had to work and left college after three months, though she likes to go out with her friends. Sofia and Matthias quickly connect on the Netflix reality series, but she has a hard time trying to adjust to the work demands and also finds herself interested in Pit. Summer Job fans can follow Sophia on Instagram at @sofiacarollo_.

Matthias De Donà

Matthias De Donà is 18 years old and from Veneto, a region in Northeastern Italy. Although Matthias is a good student and went to college in London, he has never had a job and has no interest in working for anyone but himself. Despite his connection with Sofia, which eventually hits a breaking point, Matthias learns a lot throughout his time on Summer Job and gains the respect of the bosses he works for during the competition. Matthias is on Instagram at @matthiasdedona, where he likes to dedicate posts to his sister and travels.

Pietro Fanelli

Pietro Fanelli, who looks and acts like he could be straight out of the Renaissance period, is 20 years old, from Milan, and like Sofia, has never had a job before. Pietro, who likes to spend his time walking around the streets of Italy, is passionate about nature and aesthetics, and especially loves the sea. Although Pietro has no interest in working on Summer Job, he realizes that he is capable of accepting tasks and performing them well anyway. Pietro can be found on Instagram at @iampietrofanelli. He is now a model with I Love Models Management and Two Management.

Angelica Brattoli

Angelica Brattoli was 21 years old on the show and from Apulia, although she now lives in Milan. Like her Summer Job co-stars, Angelica has an eye for fashion. She studied international relations and global affairs in college. Although Angelica’s strong personality stands out, she has a hard time adjusting to the work demands and Summer Job competition, which makes her an early target among the others. Angelica is active on Instagram and can be followed at @angelica_bra where she has begun modeling and influencing since her time on the show.

Melina De Macedo

Melina De Macedo was 21 years old on the show and Brazilian, although she lives in Turin. Melina has a big personality and compares herself to the late James Brown. While she hates to work, she loves to party and get drunk. Melina wants to save as much of the Summer Job jackpot as she can, but things start to get rough for her when her co-stars realize how difficult she is to work with. Melina can be found on Instagram at @_melinchia, where she frequently shares clips about her Summer Job experience.

Lavinia Polizzi

Lavinia Polizzi was 19 years old on the show and lives by herself in Milan, which she has been able to accomplish with some modeling gigs. Although it can take hours for her to get ready, Lavinia is confident in her personality and physical appearance, and she is specifically a fan of her lips. Despite her strong presence, however, Lavinia frequently finds herself in trouble on Summer Job with Samuele, especially when it comes to being punctual. Fans of Summer Job can find Lavinia on Instagram at @misslaviniaaa and on TikTok at @laviniapolizzi.

Marina Asinti

Marina Asinti was 20 years old on the show and of Filipino descent, though she admits she doesn’t know much about the culture. Prior to joining the cast of Summer Job, Marina enjoyed a two-year sabbatical and liked to wake up in the afternoon after fun nights out. Although Marina struggles to work under the different bosses of Summer Job and frequently finds herself being criticized, she tries her best to complete her weekly tasks. Summer Job fans can request to follow Marina’s private Instagram at @marinasinti.

Samuele Mastrangelo

Samuele Mastrangelo, who is from Cuneo, was 19 years old on the show and the son of Italian volleyball player Luigi Mastrangelo. In addition to coming from an affluent family, Samuele makes his own money from cryptocurrency, though he has never worked manual labor or in customer service before. While Samuele is quick to talk back to his bosses and frequently shows up late with Lavinia, he gradually begins to change on Summer Job. Samuele currently has over 60,000 followers on Instagram, but his profile, @mastrohh, is private.

Gian Marco Caggiari

Gian Marco Caggiari, who was 22 years old on the show, is a fashion design graduate from Sardinia, though he now lives near the Duomo in Milan. Gian Marco is happy not to work and enjoys traveling around the world, but he quickly finds himself able to adjust to the assignments on Summer Job with only minimal complaining. Fans of Summer Job can find Gian Marco on Instagram at @mrgianmarcocaggiari.

Pietro “Pit” Martinii

Pietro “Pit” Martinii, the last Summer Job cast member, was 21 years old on the show and likes partying, football, and women. Despite coming off as shallow and lazy during the first few episodes of Summer Job, Pit proves himself to be introspective and reliable, especially when he finds himself attracted to Sofia. Like Marina, Samuele, and Gian Marco, Pit’s Instagram is private, but Summer Job fans can request to follow him at @pietromartini or find him on TikTok at @pittok.

Summer Job is available to stream on Netflix.


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