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What’s Coming to Netflix in October 2023

whats coming to netflix in october 2023

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Welcome to your early look ahead at what will arrive on Netflix in October 2023. Below, we’ll run through all the currently planned new movies, series, and games headed to the service throughout the month. 

As always, keep an eye on our removals list for October 2023, where we’ll list all the movies and shows set to depart throughout the month.

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As a quick reminder, this is a live article that’ll be constantly updated throughout September and into October 2023 as and when we learn of new releases on the way. Keep it bookmarked!

Full List of What’s Coming to Netflix in October 2023

Note: This list will primarily cover the Netflix US releases – other regions’ lineups will vary. 

Coming to Netflix October 2023 TBD

  • Face to Face With ETA: Conversations with a Terrorist (2023) Netflix Original – Spanish documentary.
  • Holey Moley (Season 1) – ABC’s family game show that puts contestants through their paces on miniature golf courses.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 1st

  • 60 Days In (Season 4) – Reality series
  • Blessers (2019) – South African comedy.
  • Django (Season 1) – French Western series about a gunslinger in the Wild West who is searching for his daughter, who he believes escaped the murder of his family eight years ago.
  • Identity Thief (2013) – Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman star in this comedy movie about an accountant hunting down a scammer using his identity.
  • Miss Juneteenth (2020) – A mother and child grow closer as a former Black beauty queen tries to mold her rebellious teen daughter into following in her pageant footsteps. Starring Nicole Beharie and Kendrick Sampson.

  • Last Vegas (2013) – Comedy starring Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman.
  • One Piece (New Seasons) – More seasons of the anime series that was recently adapted (and renewed) into a live-action series.
  • Pompeii (2014) – Sony Pictures big budget historical disaster movie starring Kit Harington.
the amazing spider man 2 netflix

Picture: Sony Pictures

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) – Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone star in this second and final Spider-Man movie from that era where he faces off against Electro and Green Goblin.
  • The Monuments Men (2014) – Historical war comedy starring, written by and directed by George Clooney.
  • The Night Logan Woke Up (Season 1) – Thriller series set thirty years after a small-town was rocked by an event.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 3rd

brother elevation pictures netflix october

Picture: Elevation Pictures

  • Brother (2022) – Drama from Clement Virgo about two Black Canadian brothers growing up in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario in the early 1990s.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 4th

  • Beckham (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Documentary series on the British soccer star.
  • Filip (2023) – Polish war movie set during WW2 about a Polish food server at a luxury German hotel.
  • Keys to the Heart (2023) Netflix Original – Filipino music drama about a boxer reuniting with his long-lost mother.
  • Race to the Summit (2023) Netflix Original – Documentary about two dueling climbers competing to become the fastest climbers in the world.
showtime series super pumped the battle for uber

Picture: Showtime

  • Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber (Season 1) – Showtime series that follows the rise of the ride-hailing company Uber. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Kyle Chandler, and Kerry Bishé.
  • The Transporter: Refuelled (2015) – Action thriller that serves as a reboot to the Jason Statham movies with Ed Skrein leading.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 5th

EverythingNow TrailerRelease Image8

Picture: Netflix

  • Everything Now (Season 1) Netflix Original – British teen drama series.  Previously called The Fuck-It Bucket.
  • House of Spies (2023) Netflix Original – Bollywood spy thriller.
  • Khufiya (2023) Netflix Original – Hindi spy thriller.
  • Lupin (Part 3) Netflix Original – The long-awaited return of the French heist drama series.
  • Sex Tape (2014) – Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz star in this rom-com about a married couple who wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 6th

  • A Deadly Invitation (2023) Netflix Original – Mexican Spanish-language comedy based on a book. A true crime enthusiast is ensnared in her high-society sister’s murder. With a villa full of posh suspects, it’s up to her to find the culprit.
  • Ballerina (2023) Netflix Original – Korean action thriller about an ex-bodyguard setting out for revenge.
fair play netflix october 2023

Picture: Netflix

  • Fair Play (2023) Netflix Original – A new erotic thriller about a young couple that has their relationship tested while in the high-stakes world of hedgefund management.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 9th

  • Stranded with my Mother-in-Law (Season 1 – New Episodes Weekly) Netflix Original – Brazillian reality series about couples having to face challenges with their mother-in-laws.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 10th

  • Last One Standing (Season 2) Netflix Original – Japanese variety series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 11th

  • Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul (Season 1) Netflix Original – Documentary on the vape company.
  • Once Upon a Star (2023) Netflix Original – Thai drama from Nonzee Nimibutr.
  • Pact of Silence (Season 1) Netflix Original – Mexican mystery series about a social media influencer who plunges into the lives of four women looking for the truth and revenge.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 12th

  • Deliver Us From Evil (2014) – Eric Bana stars in this horror movie based on the book. About a NYC police officer meeting a priest that convinces him that a case involves demonic possession.
  • Good Night World (Season 1) Netflix Original – Anime series based on the sci-fi manga by Uru Okabe about a family seeking salvation as a pseudo-family in that online game.
  • LEGO: Ninjago Dragons Rising (Season 1 – New Episodes) Netflix Original – Continuation of the animated kids series.
the fall of the house of usher netflix october 2023

Picture: Netflix

  • The Fall of the House of Usher (Season 1) Netflix Original – The final show from Mike Flanagan is based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe—about two siblings who are battling for their father’s business empire.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 13th

  • Ijogbon (2023) Netflix Original – Nigerian movie. Chaos arises when four teenagers discover a diamond pouch. Directed by Kunle Afolayan.
the conference netflix horror movie

Picture: Netflix

  • The Conference (2023) Netflix Original – Swedish horror movie.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 14th

tammy new on netflix october 2023

Picture: Warner Bros. Pictures

  • Tammy (2014) – Directed by Ben Falcone, this 2014 comedy features Melissa McCarthy as a woman who loses her job and discovers her husband has cheated on her.
  • The Misfits (2021) – Piece Brosnan, Tim Roth, and Jamie Chung star in this heist action film.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 15th

  • Camp Courage (2023) Netflix Original – A girl displaced by the war in Ukraine heads to a summer camp in the Alps with her grandmother, testing the limits of her bravery.
look away new on netflix october 2023

Picture: Vertical Entertainment

  • Look Away (2018) – Jason Isaacs, Mira Sorvino and India Eisley star in the intense, voyeuristic horror/thriller.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 16th

long shot new on netflix october

Picture: Lionsgate

  • Long Shot (2019) – Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan lead this romantic comedy about a journalist reuniting with her former babysitter who is now US Secretary of State.
  • Oggy Oggy (Season 3) Netflix Original – Kids animated series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 17th

  • I Woke Up A Vampire (Season 1) Netflix Original – New teen series about a girl on her 13th birthday discovering she’s now half-human and half-vampire.
  • The Devil on Trial (2023) Netflix Original – Documentary on the US murder trial where the defendant claimed he was working on behalf of the devil.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 18th

  • Dark Water (Season 1) Netflix Original – TV thriller from India from directors Sameer Saxena and Amit Golani.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 19th

  • Bodies (Limited Series) Netflix Original – British mystery series about one murder that sparks an investigation led by four detectives from different time periods.

  • Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix (Season 1) Netflix Original – Anime sci-fi series from Adi Shankar based on various gaming properties from Ubisoft.
neon netflix series october 2023 1

Picture: Netflix

  • Neon (Season 1) Netflix Original – New music drama about three friends hustling their way into the world of reggaeton. Starring Tyler Dean Flores, Emma Ferreira, and Jordan Mendoza.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 20th

  • Creature (Limited Series) Netflix Original – Turkish fantasy period series based on the classic Frankenstein story.
  • Doona! (Season 1) Netflix Original – K-drama coming-of-age romantic drama series.
  • Elite (Season 7) Netflix Original – The latest season of the Spanish teen-school drama.
  • Kandasamys: The Baby (2023) Netflix Original – Third movie from the South African comedy series from Jayan Moodley.
old dads netflix bill burr october 2023

Picture: Netflix

  • Old Dads (2023) Netflix Original – Bill Burr directs and stars in this new comedy about a middle-aged man and his two friends finding themselves living in the world of millennials.
  • Surviving Paradise (Season 1) Netflix Original – Survival competition reality series.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 25th

  • Life on our Planet (Season 1) Netflix Original – From Amblin Television, this new documentary series rewinds the clock on the planet Earth to see how now extinct animals survived.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 26th

  • Pluto (Season 1) Netflix Original – Based on the comic, this new Japanese anime series takes place in a neo-futuristic world where humans and high-functioning robots live in complete harmony.

What’s Coming to Netflix on October 27th

pain hustlers netflix october 2023

Cr. Brian Douglas/Netflix © 2023.

  • Pain Hustlers (2023) Netflix Original – Emily Blunt and Chris Evans headline this new drama about a woman rising from rags to riches while working at a pharmaceutical company.
  • Sister Death (2023) Netflix Original – Spanish horror and prequel to the movie Veronica.
  • TORE (Season 1) Netflix Original – William Spetz is behind this new Swedish dramedy about a 27-year-old who has just experienced a horrible loss and does what he can to suppress it.

What are you going to be checking out on Netflix in October? Let us know in the comments.


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