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When Will the Final Episodes of The Devil’s Plan Release? What New Plot Twist Awaits the Players Ahead?

After the first premiere on September 26, 2023, the newest Korean game reality series is making all of our brains race each week, but the final episodes of The Devil’s Plan Netflix series (블스 플랜) are right around the corner. The psychological game series introduced us to 12 contestants in its initial run, namely, Ha Seok-jin of Problematic Men fame, Korean professional Go player Cho Yeon-woo, freelance announcer Lee Hye-sung, actress and inventor Lee Si-won, and Kpop idol SEVENTEEN’s Boo Seungkwan.

Along with them, Seo Dong-joo – a MIT graduate and a lawyer in America with an MBA degree, comedian and actress Park Kyung-lim, Guillaume Patry – a Canadian gamer, now a professional poker player, Kwedo (aka scientist ORBIT) – former policy advisor to the Blue House, and Kwak Joonbin – a travel YouTuber and a multilingual speaker also joined the cerebral quest. However, as a new twist, two non-celebrity contestants were also welcomed to the set – American orthopaedic surgeon Seo Yoo-min, and a college student, now a professional poker player Kim Dong-jae.

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Much like another Korean reality title like Nineteen to Twenty, a former dating show released on the streamer, the brand new show is also streamed on a weekly basis. The last five ones released on Netflix on October 3, 2023, but the games are yet to be concluded, with a eye-widening plot twist upon us, which will be unravelled in the upcoming The Devil’s Plan finale. Here’s what is likely to happen next!

Final Episodes of The Devil’s Plan Release Date

After the course of 9 The Devil’s Plan episodes, the last three, i.e. Episodes 10 to 13 will release next week on October 10, 2023 (Tuesday), at 12:30 PM IST on Netflix. The action will resume from right where we were let off in Episode 9, following Si-won and Seok-jin’s neweest discovery. Episode 6 and 9 of the series further eliminated three more contestants after Guillaume Patry’s exit in the first four episodes of the show. The newest eliminations were Kim Dong-jae and Lee Hye-sung in Episode 6, Cho Yeon-woo in Episode 9.

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Final Episodes of The Devil's Plan - Eliminations
Eliminated Players (Episodes 5-9): Hye-sung, Yeon-woo and Dong-jae.

What to Expect in The Devil’s Plan Episode 10?

With the last three episodes left in the tank before the action is wrapped up for good, a new plot has emerged on the horizon already. It was Dong-jae who first received a unique Piece among the rest of the players. He shared this secret with his teammate Si-won, who then kept quiet about it until the she and Seok-jin too finally won these different than usual Pieces in their quota. At the end of Episode 9, it’s also revealed that Seok-jin purposely planned things in such a way that he and Si-won could be banished to the prison together, being the only two members with the least number of Pieces in their hands after all the games.

They’d already discussed that these Pieces were supposed to somehow be pieced and connected to each other so as to make a new shape out of the arrangement. They preserved their moves and were hoping to be sent to the prison, because there a mysterious safe needed them to solve another mystery. Seok-jin believed that the answer to that was hidden in these new type of Pieces they’d won over the days. And that’s exactly what happened. As soon as Si-won put them all together to form the desired shape, she got the clue that spelled out “Y”, “E”,”A”, and she guessed the last bit herself, realising that a year was to be entered as the safe’s password.

Final Episodes of The Devil's Plan - Final Contestants
Final The Devil’s Plan Contestants (Top: Seungkwan, Dong-joo, Joon-bin, Kyung-lim, Yoo-min and ORBIT; bottom: Si-won and Seok-jin)

Together they speculated that the puzzle was asking the numbers of the year that is to come, and so they punched in 2024, which then led to the astounding opening of a secret passageway in the dark. The hidden tunnel will lead them from the prison to somewhere, and the same is yet to figured out. So, next time, the events of Episode 10 will finally reveal what secrets that passage has been hiding. We don’t know yet if it will lead them out of the prison, or if it’s a secret storage unit that holds some more untold truths. All shall be revealed in due time. Stay tuned!

First 9 episodes of the reality series are now streaming on Netflix. Check out our review for the same below.

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