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Who Is Jasper Waller-Bridge? Age, Brother, Sister Phoebe

Here is everything about Jasper Waller-Bridge Wikipedia and Age. He is a well-known artist. His name is currently trending on the world wide web. His name is in the headlines at this time. A lot of people on the internet are currently interested in learning about him. People are interested to learn about his personal and professional life. People are also interested in learning how old is he. A lot of people are currently questioning whether he has a brother, as it has been reported that he has a sister but does he also have a brother? Come let’s learn everything about him here. So read this article till the last.

Jasper Waller-Bridge
Wikipedia Has Not Featured Jasper Waller-Bridge Profile (Source: Mailplus)

Who Is Jasper Waller-Bridge?

Jasper Waller-Bridge is a well-known artist. He is known for the Untitled Music Industry project and Lost in Music. Professionally, he is a well-known English film producer and talent agent. He is fam, ous as the younger brother of Fleabag actress Phoebe Waller-Bridge. He has been serving as an Executive Producer at Day One Entertainment since November 2020. Day One Pictures is a London-based film and television production company that is focused on telling stories from the world of music. In his earlier life, he worked as the Creative Development Director at YM&U group from September 2018 to November 2020. He has also worked as a Talent Manager, he used to represent Louis Tomlinson and he also used to manage YMU’s UK Music roster in the entire North America and Canada from July 2017 to September 2018.

Jasper Waller-Bridge
Jasper Waller-Bridge Does Not Have A Brother But Has Two Older Sisters (Source: Twitter)

When Jasper Waller-Bridge used to work as a Campaign Manager at SYCO ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED from September 2015 to June 2017, at that time he used to execute freelance campaigns for prominent artists like Louis Tomlinson, Digital Farm Animals, and James Arthur. According to the source, Jasper Waller-Bridge is also the founder of Made Different from November 2014 to June 20o17. He has officially demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit by looking at the talent management for a wide range of artists, producers, and bands. He is a multi-talented man. To know more about him, scroll down to the next paragraph of this article to learn more about him.

Jasper Waller-Bridge
Michelle Dockery’s Husband, Jasper Waller-Bridge Profile Is A British Film Producer (Source: LinkedIn)

Jasper Waller-Bridge is a married man. He is married to the famous actress, Michelle Dockery. She is known for her work in Downton Abbey. They both dated each other for a total of three years and then they got engaged in January 2022. Then they got married on 23rd September 2023. They are a happy married couple. If we learn about more personal life of Jasper Waller-Bridge. So he was born in November 1987 in Ealing, England. As of February 2024, he is 36 years old right now. He was born to Michael Cyprian Waller-Bridge and Theresa Mary. He has grown up alongside two siblings. A lot of people are interested in learning if he has any brothers. So it has been reported that Jasper does not have any brothers but he has two real sisters. Scroll down to learn about them.

Jasper Waller-Bridge
Jasper Waller-Bridge And His Wife, Michelle Dockery (Source: Cosmopolitan)

Jasper Waller-Bridge grew up alongside his two sisters Isobel Waller-Bridge and Phoebe Waller-Bridge.  Both of his ster are well-known personalities. Isobel is established as a British composer acclaimed for her film, television, and theatre work on the other hand, Phoebe is renowned as an English actress, screenwriter, and producer. The most popular personality among the three siblings is Phoebe. She is one of the most famous personalities in her entire family.  Keep reading this article till the last.

Jasper Waller-Bridge completed his education at Davies, Laing & Dick College from 2004 to 2006. Later, he joined the University of Kent in 2006. He completed his Bachelor of Arts Hons in War Studies from the University of Kent in 2009. Keep following techballad.

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