Who Plays Margaret Thatcher in the Reckoning? Who is Fenella Woolgar? Age, Career and More

Who Plays Margaret Thatcher in the Reckoning?

Margaret Thatcher in “The Reckoning” is portrayed by Fenella Woolgar. She is a 54-year-old English actress best known for her role as Sister Hilda in the BBC drama series “Call the Midwife.” Fenella Woolgar joined “Call the Midwife” in 2018, and although her character briefly left the series, there’s potential for her return.

Beyond “The Reckoning,” Fenella Woolgar has a diverse acting career. She has appeared in various films, including Stephen Fry’s “Bright Young Things” and “Victoria & Abdul,” sharing the screen with Dame Judi Dench. On television, she’s been featured in BBC One’s “Jekyll” and the ITV period drama “Home Fires,” among others. Her versatility as an actress has garnered her recognition in the industry, and her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in “The Reckoning” underscores her talent, making her a crucial part of the series.

Who is Fenella Woolgar?

Fenella Justine Therese Woolgar, is a versatile English actress with a rich portfolio encompassing film, theater, television, and radio. She has left her mark in the world of cinema with notable roles in films like “Bright Young Things” in 2003 and “Victoria and Abdul” in 2017, showcasing her acting prowess on the big screen.

In addition to her film career, Fenella Woolgar has made a significant impact on the small screen. She’s been recognized for her appearances in popular TV shows such as “Doctor Who,” where she portrayed the renowned crime novelist Agatha Christie, and “Inside Number 9.” Notably, she has gained widespread acclaim for her role as Sister Hilda in the beloved BBC series “Call the Midwife.”

Her ability to adapt to various genres and characters has made her a respected and versatile figure in the world of entertainment, garnering admiration from audiences and peers alike.


Fenella Justine Therese Woolgar


4 August 1969 (age 54)


Hillingdon, England


Durham University

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art



Years Active



Robert Harland (m. 2006)




Fenella Woolgar Age

As of 2023, She is 54 years old. Fenella Woolgar’s roots trace back to London. Her heritage is a mix of Irish descent, and she holds dual citizenship in both the UK and Ireland. Interestingly, her formative years unfolded in New Canaan, Connecticut, USA.

Her educational journey took her through Mayfield School and then Durham University, where she further honed her acting talents. It was during her university days that she displayed a multifaceted artistic streak. Not only did she act, but she also took the director’s chair for “Murder in the Cathedral,” a noteworthy play held in the grand Durham Cathedral. Additionally, she ventured into comedy, writing and performing in The Durham Revue, showcasing her comedic talents.

After her academic pursuits, Fenella pursued professional training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). This diverse background and her experiences at university laid the foundation for her versatile career in the world of acting and the performing arts.

Fenella Woolgar Career

After completing her studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA in 1999, Fenella Woolgar embarked on a diverse and accomplished career in the entertainment industry. She gained extensive experience in various areas, including working in repertory theater at esteemed venues like The Royal Exchange, Manchester, York Theatre Royal, and Sheffield Crucible. Her talents also shone through in both television and radio projects with the BBC.

One of her breakthrough moments came in 2002 when she portrayed Agatha in Stephen Fry’s film “Bright Young Things,” earning nominations for several awards. Her career continued to ascend with roles in notable films, such as Mike Leigh’s “Vera Drake” and “Mr. Turner,” as well as collaborations with acclaimed directors like Conor McPherson and Woody Allen.

Fenella Woolgar’s stage presence was equally impressive, performing at prestigious theaters like the Donmar, Royal Court, National Theatre, the Old Vic, and the West End. Her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in “Handbagged” earned her accolades, including the Clarence Derwent Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Sunday Times Culture Award for Stage Performance of the Year in 2014.

She also made her mark in the realm of radio, consistently showcasing her acting prowess, and even earned a nomination for Best Actress on the radio. Fenella Woolgar’s recent projects include roles in “The Buccaneers” for Apple TV and “The Reckoning” for the BBC.

She became a part of the “Call the Midwife” cast in 2018 as Sister Hilda. Beyond acting, she’s a talented painter in oils and was honored as the Celebrity Portrait Artist of the Year in 2019. Her multifaceted career continues to thrive, making her a notable figure in the world of entertainment.

The Reckoning Overview

“The Reckoning” is a British TV mini-series delving into the life of Jimmy Savile, a prominent British media figure tainted by sexual offenses. The character of Savile is embodied by actor Steve Coogan in this production. The series underwent a turbulent journey, initially slated for a 2022 release but eventually hitting the screens on BBC One in October 2023.

Upon its release, “The Reckoning” garnered mixed reactions from critics. While opinions varied, some reviewers lauded Steve Coogan’s portrayal of Jimmy Savile. They commended his acting abilities in tackling the intricate persona of a figure as controversial as Savile. The series as a whole, however, didn’t receive universal acclaim, with diverse assessments from critics.

In summary, “The Reckoning” serves as a television platform for exploring the enigmatic life of Jimmy Savile, and Steve Coogan’s performance as Savile won recognition from certain reviewers, though the series itself provoked a wide range of critical responses.

The Reckoning Trailer

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