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Why did Loki prune himself? Season 2 episode 4 ditches post-credits for cliffhanger

The God Of Mischief is certainly up to a whole lot of it in Loki, with season 2 proving to be a bold and risky new chapter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Hiddleston‘s titular character was pruned by a mysterious assailant in the premiere episode, which hit Disney+ in early October. Fans were desperate for answers that we now have at long last because the latest installment clears up who was responsible and why, with major repercussions for the future.

Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) projecting her face onto a mannequin in Loki season 2 episode 3
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Why did Loki prune himself? Season 2 episode 4 explained

It’s revealed at the end of the latest installment that a future TVA was responsible for pruning Loki, with the character essentially doing it to himself. Miss Minutes attempts to prevent the central characters from diffusing the Temporal meltdown, and in Loki’s efforts to stop her, he encounters himself, the past version.

Ultimately, Loki comprehends that the only way to spare himself from the time stream is to prune himself and therefore keep him remaining in the present to foil Kang’s plans.

This leads to Sylvie seeing past Loki but being unaware it’s this version. So, she greets him and an incoming phone call shares parallels with the call in the premiere episode.

Present Loki promises Sylvie “this will make sense” down the line and they continue on a mission.

By pruning himself, Loki is able to fix the erratic timeslipping he’s been experiencing, but more importantly, it ensures he’s where he needs to be.

In the end, O.B. deactivates Miss Minutes, and Sylvie enchants Wolfe, who in turn prunes Renslayer. Timely unlocks the Temporal Loom which disintegrates him before it explodes and ravages throughout the TVA with disastrous consequences for the timeline, therefore for the future of the MCU.

Does Loki season 2 episode 4 have a post-credit scene?

No, Loki season 2 does not have a post-credit scene. Considering it ends on a cliffhanger, some fans were anticipating an additional stinger to provide some narrative closure. However, that isn’t the case.

“‘Heart of the TVA’ is UNDOUBTEDLY the best Episode 4 yet in the MCU,” one fan argued on Twitter/X. “Don’t know how they managed to pull that many twists & jaw-dropping moments in 50 MINUTES. From Renslayer killing TVA agents, Loki pruning himself, Timely dying, to the TIMELINE COLLAPSING?! Just WOW.”

“ENDING IT LIKE THAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME” another similarly tweeted. “It’s like they’re trying to absolutely destroy me I’m gonna go insane for the next episode.”

“This episode 4 ending with that cliffhanger was EPIC when I tell you I was GAGGED like this is REAL TELEVISION,” one also offered.

Is Loki season 2 over?

No, Loki is set to continue with episode 5 on Thursday, November 2nd 2023 in the US and the following day for UK audiences.

The latest season is made up six episodes in total, rounding out the new batch of episodes with the finale on Thursday, November 9th 2023.

After that, fans will be welcomed back to the MCU with Marvel Studios’ next project, The Marvels, a movie premiering in theaters on Friday, November 10th 2023 just one day after Loki ends.

Loki is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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