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Why Fans of ‘Station 19’ Want Netflix to Revive Their Show

Station 19 Netflix Revival

Picture: ABC

As fan revival campaigns go, the campaign to save the ABC series Station 19 is one of the loudest on the internet right now with many looking to Netflix to save the show. While the chances of it happening seem slim, that doesn’t stop a passionate group of campaigners from using petitions, ads, and social media to try and get it to happen.

For anyone unfamiliar, Station 19 is the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off series that will soon enter its seventh and final season. The decision to make this forthcoming final season came after the initial renewal announcement, leading to many protests. The series focuses on the lives of the men and women at a Seattle fire station and stars Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George, Grey Damon, and Barrett Doss, among many others.

Last month, we compiled a list of seven shows that Netflix should consider reviving from other networks. After all, Netflix has a history of picking up shows cut short on different networks and giving them new leases of life. One of the shows we picked was Station 19 because of the enormous fan outcry and Netflix’s connection not only to Grey’s Anatomy but also the fact it’s working closely with Shonda Rhimes.

As a Netflix fansite, we like being the voices of the fans rather than Netflix’s efforts to be voices for the fans, so we Tweeted yesterday asking anyone who would like to see Station 19 revived at Netflix why they’d like to see it happen for this article.

The response was a little overwhelming. Expecting a dozen or so emails, my inbox was eventually flooded with over 500 within hours. Because of the length of some of these emails and the volume, we can’t feature them all, but we’ve picked through a few but feel free to add your thoughts in our comment section at the bottom of the article.

Why Fans Want to See The Show Return

Without further ado, here’s a selection of the people who emailed us with their reasoning on why Netflix should pick up the show. Please note we’ve edited some of the responses down for brevity.

“The show deals with such poignant story lines, has incredible characters and is so captivating to watch.

I feel there are so many more storylines that can be pursued – I would love to see the reality of Carina/Maya being parents and Andy Herrera kicking butt as a female captain. I also really love the friendship between Travis Montgomery (played by Jay Hayden) and Victoria Hughes (Barrett Doss).

If Netflix were to pick this up I would be so incredibly grateful. They have done such an amazing job with another major Shondaland project – Bridgerton and I feel like they could take Station 19 to another level again.”

– Elise Herrie from Australia


“Station 19 was ABC’s most-watched and highest-rated show of the 2022-23 TV season with an average of 8.3 million viewers in season 6 so fans, cast and crew were all blindsided when it was cancelled especially because the network just moved the show to a new studio and signed all the actors for new 7 season contracts! Not only is the show clearly successful in the US but has an even bigger fanbase around the world who are unable to watch the show on official channels which is why the show would be incredibly successful on a streaming service like Netflix.

Station 19 has been more than just a television show; it has been a platform for promoting awareness, fostering understanding, and encouraging conversations about issues that are vital to the fabric of our society. Now, more than ever, we need narratives that challenge our perspectives and inspire positive change. I implicitly trust that Peter Paige would produce this show beautifully on streaming and Netflix would be the perfect home for a show like this with characters like these.”

– AJ Fans

Station 19 Abc Series

Picture: ABC

“Station 19 has gathered a significant amount of loving and active individuals in response to it’s outstanding efforts to represent the unrepresented, as well as promote a positive, inclusive community for all people to feel welcomed. Please note that this show is not shy when speaking about important topics and touching on modern issues in educated and progressive ways. Because of these highly appreciated elements, Station 19 in undoubtedly ABC’s most valuable asset. Since the misguided cancellation that occurred in early December, us Station 19 fans have fought continuously and diligently to save our show to ensure it’s continuing impact on the world flourishes. We kindly ask you consider helping us in saving our show, Station 19, that means the world and beyond to us. We promise that with this show, a widespread and highly supporting fanbase comes with it, free of charge.”

– Chloe Kent


“Station 19 gives representation and a voice to the voiceless. Station 19 takes on the hard topics – child abuse, misogyny, infertility, reproductive rights, lgbtq+ rights, trans rights, Black Lives Matter, racism is the work place and beyond, foster care and adoption, mental health, inequality, loss and grief, and democracy. I’m sure I’m missing a few…. Or several.

For so many, myself included, Station 19 is a safe place. It’s a place I feel heard and represented. It’s a refuge when grief gets hard, when the world gets loud. It’s a place that fosters connection between friends – new and old.

That’s what it comes down to. Station 19 saves lives on and off screen. The impact of this show stretches across the globe. If Netflix saves Station 19 they will gain a committed cast and crew that give it their all week after week. They will gain a dedicated fan base that continues to grow in numbers and stand firmly behind the cast and crew that have given us so much. Station 19 continues to trend week after week, continues to top merch sales and viewing numbers. Saving Station 19 would be a win for Netflix.”

– Savanna Vance


“It feels like we’re gonna lose our family.. “STATION 19” is a big part in our lives..

This kind of shows that makes a huge impact in our lives and moves our feelings in such a positive and beautiful way..

It’s really sad to end it so early.. there are so many stories to tell..

I live in Iraq .. and no one could imagine that.. this show is changed someone’s life in a place so far like Iraq .. not just far in distance .. its also a different language, different culture different continent .. but this show makes me feel so close to these amazing characters, and made me live everything like they are part of my life .. and definitely changed a lot of my concepts and perspectives in so many things..

So I’m here sending you this letter hoping that you can value this show and give us some hope for another seasons in future.. as this amazing show deserves..”

– Reema Al-obaidy

Station 19 Seattle Backdrop

Picture: ABC

“I have fallen in love with the actors who portray these characters, especially Stefania Spampinato (Carina DeLuca) and Danielle Savre (Maya Bishop). Over the years, they have taken care of the fanbase with a special love, they have participated in stressful conventions just to meet us, they have shared their stories, they have listened carefully to our stories. More than once they have made us understand how much they care about Carina and Maya, this is fantastic.

Furthermore, the entire crew and cast. They were recording the first episode when, during lunch break, they found out that the show had been canceled. Without further reasons, they rescheduled all the episodes and went back to work. What was supposed to be a moment of joy turned into sadness.

Finally, us fans. We are doing everything possible to make everyone understand how important this show is to us. We are sending thousands of fan letters, we have posted on USA Today for greater visibility, we have flown a plane near the Disney studios, billboards in New York, a petition that is reaching thousands of people. We are not ready to let it go so soon, we are fighting for us but above all for everyone’s work.

And perhaps the most important part for Netflix. It was the most-watched show last year, reaching grand numbers even surpassing the historic and much more well-known Grey’s Anatomy (of which Station 19 is a spinoff). It received some nominations. It consistently tops polls, Maya and Carina are always the favorite couple compared to those of other shows. And then it has a truly global fanbase.

I truly believe that Netflix could be the new home for Station 19, we already know how you have saved other shows and I sincerely think it could be a great addition to your catalog. You would reach a really high target audience and surely you wouldn’t regret it. Furthermore, you would work with a crew and cast that care about the show (they themselves are constantly sharing our efforts to save it), who understand, and who ensure to show love in all its myriad facets.”

– Francesa Alessio from Italy


“Station 19 did not deserve the unfair cancellation in my opinion. The show has a lot of potential to go on for more seasons and in a lot of ways, it feels like it’s just getting started. They have two amazing showrunners at the helm leading this show. The writing is always innovative and fresh. They don’t shy away from showing realistic storylines.

It’s also one of the only few shows out there that portrays representation and friendship really well. There are plenty of first responders shows out there but the characters on Station 19 and what they go through is so relatable, even though they play these super strong, silly firefighters and doctors. Every actor on the show brings in a lot of nuances to their characters that only make you fall in love with them even more.
These are only some of my top reasons for the show to have more seasons but there are so many more as I have been a fan of this show since season 2 and it’s pretty much the only show I watch regularly.

It’s meant to go on for more seasons and to be on a platform that treats them well. ALSO, who doesn’t love fire and firetrucks right?!

If you don’t already watch this show, I highly recommend it. I don’t know if I have put my feelings about this show correctly into this email but when you watch it, you will know what I’m talking about and why it has such an amazing fan following and so many people out there are trying to save it.”

– Ruth T. Busamalla


“I was disheartened to learn that ABC-Disney plans to end Station 19 after this abbreviated Season 7. I am writing to you today on why I think Netflix is the perfect platform for the show and to renew it for another season(s). The representation of diverse races, genders, sexual orientations, and lived experiences of the Station 19 cast and crew is rare and desperately needed on TV today. As an individual of the LGBTQIA+ community I have not had many opportunities to see myself represented in the characters and stories told in mainstream media and Station 19 has made me proud of who I am and how to express that to the people around me.

Station 19 provides a safe and welcoming place that allows audiences, young and old, to feel seen and represented. At a time when our rights are being eroded at every turn, finding a show to see ourselves reflected is critical. For many in the global viewing audience, it is their only form of proper representation.

Netflix has a deal with Shonaland and already streams many of the shows from the studio. Station 19, is more than a “firefighter show” it exemplifies commitment to socially justice and inclusive storytelling. Station 19 should be able to share stories that are vital to help others understand diversity and inclusion.

We know that Station 19 has had strong ratings with consistent viewership and a very loyal fan base. The show has an abundant supply of important and, as yet, untold storylines. These stories, and the talented and dedicated cast and crew assembled to tell them, can sustain a successful show for many more seasons.

I strongly believe that renewing Station 19 at Netflix would be an opportunity for company to continue to build on it’s catalog of content that is inclusive and impactful.”

– Jamie Jannusch

Station 19

Picture: ABC

“These characters mean so much to so many people, so many marginalised or underrepresented groups felt seen due to the characters on this show. Not to mention, so many young girls have been inspired to become firefighters because of the likes of Andy, Vic and Maya.

These characters provide representation for multiple groups, and make little Travis’, Emmett’s, Maya’s and Carina’s feel seen and know that the can be powerful and equally as badass as their white/straight counterparts/colleagues.

This show is a safe place for so many people and having it taken away isn’t fair to those who consider Station 19 home.”

– Sophie Howarth


“The cancellation makes no sense whatsoever. The year to date audience viewership of Station 19 surpassed even that of its parent show Grey’s Anatomy. Variety also reports that as of April 2023, Station 19 averaged 8.3 million total viewers in Season 6. That figure is based on 35 days of viewing on linear and digital platforms. Ratings for Station 19 jumped nearly 4 times over its initial Live+Same Day rating in Adults 18-49 over the course of the last season with an increase of 294% after 35 days of multiplatform viewing. Also ABC/Disney spent millions moving the set to a new location. According to Deadline- the original cast had deals in place for next season, which eliminated the need for talent negotiations, as they had agreed to reasonable raises during the most recent renegotiations in part to boost the series’ longevity chances. Also the cast and crew were completely blindsided by the news one day at lunch- so contrary to what ABC says- the series has not reached its natural conclusion and was expected to branch out from underneath Greys Anatomy and become more independent. It has so much potential to grow under the new showrunners Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack.

Station 19 needs a new home and Netflix could be that home.”

– Elizabeth Hewlett

If we missed your email, we sincerely apologize, but it would have been impossible to include everything. Again, we invite you to add your comments below, though!


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