Why Kingsman 3 Still Hasn’t Happened 6 Years After The Golden Circle’s $410M Success


  • Kingsman 3, titled Kingsman: The Blue Blood, has been delayed due to the release of The King’s Man, a prequel film set during WWI that altered the franchise’s development timeline.
  • Series creator Matthew Vaughn prioritized The King’s Man over Kingsman 3, as the concept of a Kingsman film set in WWI intrigued him. However, the project faced significant changes and delays, pushing back the production of Kingsman 3.
  • After a six-year wait, Kingsman 3 is finally on track to be made, with filming scheduled to begin in 202
  • Despite concerns about its delayed release, the success of the franchise’s previous films and the recovery of the theater industry suggest that Kingsman 3 could still be a box office success.



Kingsman 3 has been one of the most highly-anticipated sequels in recent years, and here’s why it still hasn’t happened six years after Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s $410 million success. Upon the release of Kingsman: The Secret Service, the Kingsman IP became one of the hottest action movie franchises of the modern era, with fans clamoring for more of Matthew Vaughn’s beloved comic book adaptation. Kingsman: The Golden Circle followed up on its predecessor and continued the success of the franchise. Despite this, Kingsman 3 still isn’t out over half a decade later, with many fans wondering if something has happened to the film.

Kingsman 3 will be the third mainline film in the Kingsman franchise, with fans still being excited for the upcoming project despite its long development time. Kingsman 3 is officially titled Kingsman: The Blue Blood, with this name being revealed by Matthew Vaughn in 2020. Despite the third Kingsman movie being far enough along to warrant a title reveal in 2020, not much has been heard about the sequel since. It would be expected that Kingsman 3 would have been fast-tracked to production after the success of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, yet some major changes to the franchise prevented that from happening.

The King’s Man Took Kingsman 3’s Place In The Franchise’s Schedule

Ralph Fiennes wearing glasses and softly smiling in The King's Man

As it turns out, Kingsman: The Blue Blood hasn’t happened yet thanks to the Kingsman prequel film The King’s Man. 2021’s The King’s Man is the third overall film in the franchise, although it takes place during WWI, long before the events of Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film focuses on the origins of the Kingsman group, following a new cast of characters as they attempt to take down the villainous Russian tyrant, Rasputin. Although The King’s Man wasn’t as nearly as big of a success as the two mainline films, it had a major influence on the franchise, with it altering the development timeline of Kingsman: The Blue Blood.

According to series creator Matthew Vaughn, The King’s Man was prioritized over Kingsman 3, explaining why the third mainline film has taken so long. As it turns out, the concept of a Kingsman film set in the midst of World War I was so interesting to Vaughn that he decided to pursue this project first, with him initially planning to release it on the anniversary of WWI. However, the project went through a lot of changes, with it going from a TV show to a movie before being delayed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of these various troubles, Kingsman 3 kept getting pushed back as well.

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Kingsman 3 Is Finally On Track To Be Made After A 6-Year Wait

Despite years having passed since the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Kingsman 3 is finally on track to be made after a six year wait. Work on Kingsman: The Blue Blood has been going on in the background, with pre-production on the film getting ramped up after The King’s Man was finished. Because of this, it was assumed that filming on Kingsman 3 would begin in not too long, with most of the delays from the COVID-19 pandemic and the various Hollywood strikes having passed. All that was needed was a time frame, and Kingsman drector Matthew Vaughn has finally given one.

Kingsman: The Blue Blood director Matthew Vaughn has finally confirmed a filming window for the third film in the franchise, giving the first hint at when the movie might release. According to Vaughn, filming will begin on Kingsman 3 in 2024, meaning that the movie may be coming sometime in the next few years. Interestingly, Vaughn will be working on the third Kingsman film alongside his reboot of Kick-Ass, so hopefully this heavy workload won’t contribute to any further delays for either of the projects.

Is It Too Late For Kingsman 3 To Be A Success?

The original Kingsman agency in The King's Man

Due to the six year wait for the film, some fans are worried that it may be too late for Kingsman 3 to be a success. While Kingsman: The Golden Circle was a success, The King’s Man was a box office bomb, hinting that future Kingsman films may suffer the same fate. However, The King’s Man was a prequel that suffered from being released in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The theater industry has finally bounced back, meaning that its entirely possible that Kingsman 3 could be a box office success unlike the prequel movie.

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