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Why Loki Season 2 Has No Time Jump, Despite Releasing 2 Years Later

Loki season 2 marks the first time a Marvel Studios series returns for a second season, and the Tom Hiddleston show will be back without a time jump.


  • Loki season 2 will not start with a time jump and will continue the story from where season 1 left off, allowing the audience to experience the new reality in the TVA along with Loki.
  • The decision to pick up where season 1 ended is the best choice for the show, considering the twists and changes made by Sylvie killing He Who Remains.
  • By not skipping over the fallout of the first season’s finale, Loki season 2’s story will be more enriched, especially in terms of Loki having to deal with the consequences.



Loki season 2 does not start with a time jump, despite being released two years later, and there is a good explanation for that. The Marvel Cinematic Universe series will once again follow Tom Hiddleston’s Loki variant that originated in Avengers: Endgame, with Hiddleston leading an exciting Loki season 2 cast that will see multiple actors return from the show’s first year, as well as the addition of Ke Huy Quan as O.B. and more. With critics screening the first four episodes of the Disney+ series, it has been confirmed that Loki season 2 has no time jump.

Variety revealed that there will be no time jump at the start of Loki season 2, with the show’s story resuming from around the same point that Loki season 1’s ending left off — which included Owen Wilson’s Mobius forgetting who Loki was and Hiddleston’s character being in a TVA that was reformed in Kang’s image as a result of Sophia Di Martino’s Sylvie having killed the Kang variant He Who Remains. Loki executive producer Kevin Wright explained why Loki season 2 doesn’t have a time jump, revealing that the team behind the show didn’t want season 2 to start by “fast-forwarding through the drama” of Loki season 1’s finale.

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Why Loki Season 2 Starting Where Season 1 Ended Is For The Best

Loki from the back staring at the TVA's Kang statue.

Loki season 2 picking up from season 1’s ending is the best decision the show could make. The Loki season 1 finale had many twists and turns, with Sylvie’s killing of He Who Remains leading to some fundamental changes to the series’ world — and the MCU. Loki season 1’s ending, with the God of Mischief looking at a Kang statue in the middle of the TVA, ended the season on a note of mystery and fear.

With there being at least one new Kang variant — Victor Timely — set to appear in Loki season 2, the Disney+ series picking up exactly where season 1 ended is the perfect setup for the new season. Loki season 2 starting where season 1 left off allows the audience to experience this new reality in the TVA at the same time as Loki. That is more intriguing than had the show skipped the same two years between Loki‘s seasons in real life.

Loki season 2’s trailer has teased that the God of Mischief will meet Sylvie at a McDonald’s, where she now works. The show will already deal with the aspect of some time having passed between the events of the Loki season 1 finale and when Loki meets Sylvie again, so just fast-forwarding through the ending of season 1 instead of showing what leads to Loki and Sylvie meeting each other would not make much sense. In the end, Loki season 2’s story will definitely be made richer by not skipping Loki having to deal with the fallout of the first season’s finale.

Source: Variety

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