Why Thor & The Asgardians Abandoned Earth For 1000 Years In the MCU



  • Asgard’s involvement in Earth’s affairs has been limited despite their role as protectors of the Nine Realms, creating a 1000-year absence from Earth.
  • Asgardians seem to only interfere in conflicts when invaders are from another realm, explaining their lack of involvement in major conflicts on Earth.
  • It’s been implied that Asgard viewed Midgard as less developed compared to other realms, and it’s only now that Earth has shown progress that Asgard has become more involved (thanks to Thor).



There’s a major gap of time between when Asgard first gave aid to Earth in the MCU and when Thor became an Avenger. As protectors of the Nine Realms seeking to maintain the peace across worlds first established by the All-Father Odin, one would think that Asgard would have played more of a role in the affairs of Earth aka Midgard. However, it seems as though the general policy when it comes to Asgard’s involvement with the other Realms is a little more complicated.

In the present, Thor is a founding member of the Avengers who’d grown to love Earth and its people during his banishment to the world by Odin. Learning what it means to be worthy as both a hero and ruler, Thor would continue to play a role in the defense of Midgard. However, it seems as though there are still some general rules when it comes to Asgard’s involvement in any conflict across the Nine Realms, explaining their 1000-year absence from Earth.

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Asgardians Saved Earth From Frost Giants In 965 And Inspired Norse Mythology

Asgard-Jotunheim War In MCU Image

During Odin’s reign as All-Father, the armies of Asgard first came to Earth in 965 A.D. There they battled the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, driving them back to their icy world where they were eventually defeated, followed by Odin finding and adopting young Loki who’d been abandoned as a child. Not only did the battle take place in Tønsberg which would later become New Asgard hundreds of years later in the present-day MCU, but this was also the origin point for Asgardians becoming the inspiration for Norse mythology.

That being said, Asgard’s involvement on Earth was virtually nonexistent following the Asgard-Jotunheim War up until the present. They don’t come back en masse at any other point after that. As such, it begs the question of why they never came to help fight in other wars or major conflicts that have plagued Midgard over the years, a realm Asgard is meant to protect and defend.

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The Asgardians Only Interfere When Invaders Are From Another Realm

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: The Dark World

On the whole, it seems as though Asgard chose not to involve itself in any of the Nine Realms’ domestic disputes. They only stepped in when one realm was invaded or was in conflict with another such as the Frost Giants coming to Earth. Likewise, it’s also been implied that Midgard hadn’t progressed as much as some of the MCU’s other Nine Realms and that it’s only now in the present that it has shown signs of being ready for higher forms of interaction and conflict.

As a further example, Thor: The Dark World shows Thor and the armies of Asgard fighting in the Realm of Vanaheim, but the enemies being fought weren’t from there. They’d come from other worlds, taking advantage of the chaos that followed the first Thor film with the destruction of the Bifrost and more unrest such as the imminent Convergence. While this does explain Asgard’s 1000-year absence from Earth in the MCU, it’s ironically worth noting that Asgard’s entire status quo has massively changed in recent years with Thor’s people now living on Earth among humanity itself.

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