With unsecured personal loans under lens, growth momentum in the segment to derail in coming quarters

New Delhi, Feb 26 (IANS) ICICI Securities has warned of a potential derailment of growth momentum in unsecured personal loans due to recent regulatory actions. The report highlights concerns over accelerated growth in unsecured loans and the impact on NBFCs.

The regulatory measures by the RBI include an increase in risk weights on unsecured consumer credit and banks’ funding to NBFCs. This is aimed at prompting lenders to reassess their growth strategies in light of the heightened credit growth in unsecured personal loans since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

The surge in credit demand for personal and consumer loans was driven by factors such as disruption in cashflow for small SMEs, temporary unemployment during the Covid phase, and a focus on lifestyle upliftment. Additionally, tech upgrades during Covid simplified credit delivery and expanded the reach for NBFCs.

Many NBFCs have adapted to the demand by revamping their processes and partnering with fintechs to leverage their balance sheet. Consequently, credit growth in personal and consumer loans has exceeded 100 per cent CAGR for most NBFCs, far surpassing the sub-20 per cent blended growth between FY21 and December 2023.

The cumulative AUM of NBFCs analyzed in the report amounts to Rs 10 trillion, with unsecured loans exhibiting even faster growth rates. Some players have reported unsecured loan CAGRs exceeding 100 per cent between FY21 and December 2023. This trend underscores the significant impact of unsecured personal loans on the overall credit landscape for NBFCs.




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