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Xdinary Heroes “Livelock – The Beginning” Album Info

Livelock” Album Info

Livelock” is Xdinary Heroes‘s Album. It was released on October 11, 2023.
The title track is “Break the Brake“. The album consists of 7 tracks.

Artists: Xdinary Heroes (GUNIL, JUNGSU, GAON, O.DE, JUN HAN, JOOYEON)
Release Date: October 11, 2023 at 6PM KST.
Length: 23:16
Genre: Pop
Type: Mini Album
Label: JYP Entertainment.
Writers: GUNIL, JUNGSU, GAON, O.DE, JUN HAN, JOOYEON, Jennifer Eunsoo Kim, Kebee, Lee Seu Ran, SELAH, Sim Eun Jee, Takey.
Composers: GUNIL, JUNGSU, GAON, O.DE, JUN HAN, JOOYEON, Cha Il Hoon, Jessica Pierpoint, Lee Hae Sol, Lee Woo Min “collapsedone”, SELAH, Sim Eun Jee, Takey, Val Del Prete, Waveshower.
Arrangers: Cha Il Hoon, Lee Hae Sol, Lee Woo Min “collapsedone”, SELAH, Takey, Val Del Prete.

1. Freddy    – 3:25
2. Break the Brake      *TITLE    – 3:20
3. PLUTO    – 3:20
4. Enemy    – 2:54
5. Bad Chemical    – 3:05
6. Paranoid    – 3:50
7. AGAIN? AGAIN!    – 3:18

Highlight Film Sampler
MV Teaser #1
MV Teaser #2
“Break the Brake” MV
Recording Behind #1: “Break the Brake”


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