Yara Zaya Turned Into A Monster (Did Jovi Bring Out The Worst In Her?)


  • Yara Zaya’s toxic mix of anger, frustration, and jealousy is pushing her over the edge, but Jovi Dufren also deserves blame.
  • Yara’s obsession with luxury items and her looks showcase her greed and vanity. She may care too much about possessions and her appearance because of Jovi’s misdeeds.
  • Yara treats Jovi’s mother Gwen Eynard badly. She expects Gwen to be an unpaid babysitter.



90 Day Fiancé diva Yara Zaya’s been involved in countless scandals – fame, greed and Jovi Dufren may be turning her into a monster. The glamorous blond from Ukraine has a picture-perfect image, but under the surface, Yara’s roiling with anger, frustration and jealousy. This toxic cocktail of emotions is pushing her over the edge. While Jovi deserves a lot of the blame, he’s only one half of their up-and-down relationship. Yara’s also erred, and that’s why she needs to take responsbility.

During 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1, Yara got real about her issues with Jovi. She admitted that she was using birth control, which she’d previously concealed from him. That was a big betrayal that signaled a dramatic shift to the dark side. However, before then, there were red flags waving in the breeze. Lots of little things Yara’s done have caused big trouble. Now, she’s a controversial reality TV show icon who’s more bad than good. Yara’s really leaning into the villain role, and although she has softer moments, she’s become increasingly brittle and temperamental.

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Yara Zaya’s All About Cold, Hard Cash

Yara Is The “Material Girl” Of The 90 Day Fiancé Franchise

Whether Yara‘s showing off her best beauty buys on YouTube, as seen above, or hawking overpriced fashion items, she’s all about money. Her appetite for luxury items doesn’t go unnoticed, and it’s one of her most unappealing traits. While everyone needs cold, hard cash, Yara seems to need it more than most. Perhaps there’s some void she’s filling. For example, since Jovi is so consumed with strippers, Yara may buy things to dull the pain. He’s called her out for overspending, but he may actually be the reason why.

While shopping to compensate for what’s missing in life isn’t a crime, Yara seems like a human cash register. She’s complained about Jovi’s work schedule, but she wants an upscale lifestyle, and his job as an underwater robotics technician helps to pay for her excesses. She doesn’t necessarily need another dress, more lipstick, or new beauty treatments. She just wants them.

While Yara has shown more depth, such as when she discussed the situation in Ukraine online, she often swims in shallower waters. Sure, she loves her child (and little Mylah’s adorable), but she also loves glamour. Since Yara had such a startling physical transformation (she went under the knife more than once), she seems focused on externals. Who she is inside appears to be less important to her. She wants the trappings of fame, including designer garments, flashy accessories, and Barbie-blond hair. None of these things are cheap.

Yara may feel pressure to look perfect because she’s famous. A lot of stars go overboard with fashion and grooming for this reason.

Yara Zaya Is Very Vain

Gemini Yara Zaya May Be Too Superficial

Externals should matter, as how a person looks impacts how they feel. However, how people feel about their faces and bodies shouldn’t dominate their lives. Yara’s vanity’s clearly out of control, and while she’s someone who always stands out, she could be accused of being “too into her looks,” just like Rachel Green from Friends was.

As previously touched on, Yara changed her appearance drastically. She’s been open about what she did to overcome what she perceived as physical flaws, including a nose that she compared to a:

She clashed with Julia Trubkina over plastic surgery. Julia riled up a lot of people when she shared her viewpoint, which is that people should avoid cosmetic enhancements and go to the gym instead. While everyone’s entitled to their opinion, Julia seemed very callous. Sometimes, getting work done can dramatically boost a person’s self-esteem. Who is she to say that’s wrong? However, on the flip side, people can get addicted to tweaking their looks.

Sometimes, plastic surgery doesn’t solve everything. A person may change a lot via operations and more minor tweaks, such as Botox and fillers, but still feel insecure. Perhaps Yara does, despite appearing outwardly confident. If she still feels like her pre-surgery self inside, it’s not surprising that she’s so vain. She wants a transformation that she can feel inside too. So Yara keeps applying makeup, trying on new outfits, and showing off the results online.

If Yara wants to be perceived as more than a “Barbie girl in a Barbie world” (to borrow from Aqua’s iconic tune), she should shrug off the Gemini superficiality. Yara was born in early June, and her zodiac sign is symbolized by The Twins. Geminis are social butterflies who like to flit along the surface of life. They don’t always want to go too deep. Chit-chat, parties and changing social circles float their boats. What doesn’t work for them is a lot of emotional upheaval. The nitty-gritty of life, which can be so mundane, is anathema to them.

Does looking ultra-glam give her pleasure? For sure. Does it make up for the things she doesn’t have, such as a partner who isn’t into other women? Probably not.

Yara Hasn’t Treated Jovi’s Mother Gwen Eynard Well

Jovi Dufren’s Mother Gwen Is More Than An Unpaid Nanny

90 Day Fiancé‘s Gwen Eynard’s definitely a loving grandmother to Mylah, as shown in Gwen‘s Instagram post above, but that isn’t all she is. Yara expected Gwen to give up a lifestyle that she enjoyed so Mylah could have an unpaid babysitter. This was very unfair. Grandparents should be able to enjoy their grandkids when they see them, rather than feeling obligated to take care of them a lot. However, Yara’s said that in Ukraine, relatives routinely pitch in with childcare. Is that even true? Only Ukrainians know, but Gwen’s an American woman. She wants life and liberty.

When people have children and rely too much on their parents for childcare, they rob their mothers and fathers of independence. It’s a shady thing to do. Gwen should be loved for who she is (a vibrant woman with Jovi’s charisma). She’s not a servant. Gwen has a lot going for her beyond her role as a sweet and caring grandma. The 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 star Yara should know this!

Yara Zaya Rips Jovi Apart But Always Forgives Him

What Yara Zaya Allows Is What Will Continue

What’s most puzzling about Yara is how she’ll cry and gnash her teeth over Jovi’s sometimes monstrous misdeeds, but keep forgiving him. How many times will he con her by telling her he’s changed when he really hasn’t? It seems like the same tired drama’s playing out over and over again, day in and day out. It’s grueling, and Yara shows her dark side by accepting it. Here, her monstrous quality is weakness. Or maybe she’s just pretending to get so angry. That would be a weakness too.

If she drew a line in the sand and really meant it when she said, “no more” (to paraphrase), things might be different. Maybe Jovi would really change – another possibility is that they’d break up. That would mean that she could find a partner who doesn’t fantasize about strippers (such a man may exist!). Since there are so many cheating rumors about Jovi, he may do more than gaze at exotic dancers while holding a boozy beverage in one hand.

Jovi’s not all bad, but his penchant for the seamy underbelly (i.e. strippers’ flat bellies!) could bring him down. He wants cheap thrills, and that could end his marriage to Yara. Right now, she’s hanging in there, perhaps because the perks of staying outweigh the benefits of leaving. With Jovi, she’s in a power couple. This duo commands attention and fame often equals money.

Is she really in love with Jovi anymore? Maybe she’s just faking it. If so, that’s a lot of pretending. However, nonetheless, it’s not impossible. People change. Yara’s thought about leaving Jovi before, and inwardly, she may be checking out of the relationship. Perhaps she’s secretly checked out already. If so, she’s playing a game and really embracing the whole villain thing.

Villains like doing bad things. They don’t want to follow the rules. They expect special treatment from their nearest and dearest, and from society. “Monsters” want rewards for evil deeds. Yara’s reaping the rewards, except for that not-so-little problem with Jovi i.e. his womanizing ways. If she didn’t have that seemingly insurmountable issue to deal with, she might be a nicer person. Her flaws might not be so noticeable. While she can be monstrous, she also gets provoked.

If Yara isn’t actually a monster, she should show 90 Day Fiancé fans everything that’s beautiful about her, beyond what she flaunts on the surface. Since she has a cute daughter and is occasionally funny, it’s quite easy to root for her. Her style is another strong selling point. However, in the past, when she bragged about her wannabe gold digger status on a Ukrainian reality series, she seemed like the type of money-grubbing diva that keeps the 90DF franchise thriving. If Yara’s about more than money, she should make that crystal clear.

Sources: Yara Zaya/YouTube, Gwen Eynard/Instagram

90 Day: The Last Resort is available at TLC and Discovery Plus.


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