Young Sheldon Is Getting Another Streaming Home


  • Young Sheldon is coming to Netflix US, with the first five seasons of the popular show set to start streaming on November 24.
  • The show’s availability on Netflix in the US could help generate more interest as it prepares for its delayed and shortened final season.
  • While it’s unclear if seasons 6 and 7 will also be included in the Netflix deal, the arrival of Young Sheldon on the platform locally may boost viewership when it returns on CBS next year.



Young Sheldon will be available on another streaming platform ahead of its final season. The Big Bang Theory spin-off is gearing up for its seventh and last year as the Coopers prepare to say goodbye. Last week, CBS announced that Young Sheldon is ending with season 7 despite its continued popularity. The series will return in February 2024 before coming to a close in May.

Before that, however, Warner Bros. Discovery has agreed on a licensing deal with Netflix in the United States, which means that the first five seasons of the show will be available on the streamer, as reported by Deadline. Previously, The Big Bang Theory and its prequel were exclusively available on Max. It will be available starting on November 24.

What Young Sheldon’s Netflix US Availability Means For Season 7

Mary and Sheldon looking distressed while George and Georgie look happy

Due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, Young Sheldon season 7, much like the majority of ongoing scripted series, is getting a delayed premiere in February. This means that it will have a shortened run, which wouldn’t be a big problem if it wasn’t in its final year. Instead of its usual 22 episodes, the Big Bang Theory prequel is only getting 14 for its last year. Only time will tell if there’s going to be enough time to deliver a satisfying finale. Regardless, Young Sheldon‘s arrival on Netflix in the US should help it garner more interest.

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For context, Young Sheldon is already accessible on Netflix outside the US. In 2021, the streaming giant included the family comedy in its catalog for Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Still, it is likely that its arrival on the platform locally will help boost the viewership when it returns on CBS early next year. Perhaps the licensing agreement even has something to do with the end of the show. Despite its pre-determined end thanks to The Big Bang Theory‘s canon, there were hopes that it was going to continue for at least one more year simply because it’s very popular.

It’s worth noting, however, that only the first five seasons of Young Sheldon will be available on Netflix when it debuts. Those who want to be fully caught up with the show before the final season premieres still need to access Max for season 6. It’s currently uncertain if Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix’s licensing deal includes seasons 6 and 7 eventually also landing on the streamer.

Source: Deadline

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