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10 best scary movies you’ve never seen on Amazon Prime this Halloween

HITC offers a list of the 10 best scary movies streaming on Amazon Prime Video this Halloween that you’ve never seen.

Late October nights always call for good horror movies to enjoy, but you may find that you’ve become a little bit exhausted with streaming your reliable favorites. With Halloween 2023 fast approaching, there is a range of fantastic, frightening gems you can check out as part of your Amazon Prime Video subscription.

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Carnival Of Souls

Kicking off the list with a criminally underseen classic, this 1962 American psychological horror boasts a passionate cult following but is yet to reach enough audiences to become a Halloween staple.

The film follows a woman named Mary Henry who emerged from the wreckage of a car crash uncertain how she survived.

She moves away but as she embarks upon a new life she finds herself plagued by a mysterious pale man, unraveling a mystery that concludes with a startling reveal.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Moving from the 1960s up to 2016 we have The Girl With All The Gifts.

Based on the book of the same name, this post-apocalyptic horror takes place in a world that has been devastated by a parasitic fungus that has turned the masses into zombies. However, humanity has its final hope in a young girl.

This is a perfect example of the zombie sub-genre done to perfection, ideal for fans of 28 Days Later and The Last Of Us.


Some viewers will nostalgically look back on their introductions to the slasher genre, citing
Friday The 13th and Halloween movies as their gateway. You may feel that modern slasher franchises don’t live up to the classics but Hatchet may be the best series of the sub-genre we’ve seen so far this century.

Directed by Adam Green, 2006’s Hatchet sees a group of tourists venture into Honey Island Swamp only to discover that a weapon-wielding maniac is determined to pick them off one by one.

There have been three sequels yet the franchise remains a cult favorite outside of the mainstream. It’s frightening, funny, and overall, an absolute blast deserving of wider acknowledgment.

Hell House LLC

The most unsettling and downright scary on the list so far, here is Hell House LLC, a found-footage horror film that also went on to swap a series of films.

Set at the fictional Abaddon hotel, we witness the footage of a group of Halloween haunted house organizers as they attempt to turn the now-abandoned building into a hot destination for tourists.

Generally considered one of the most terrifying found-footage films ever made, this low-budget gem deserves to be discovered this Halloween by those yet to experience the perils of the Abaddon.

Horror In The High Desert

In with another shining example of low-budget found footage done right.

Released in 2021, Horror In The High Desert is presented as a documentary exploring the mysterious disappearance of a hiker in Nevada. We then get to see the footage which reveals the events that led to the sudden vanishing.

Night Skies

Sci-fi can walk hand-in-hand with horror at the best of times and 2007’s Night Skies may be the best example of blending the genre you’re yet to see.

A group of friends set out in their RV and find themselves stuck on an isolated road at night following a catastrophic crash.

Taking place during one of the largest UFO sightings ever coined the “Phoenix Lights”, the unsuspecting characters learn that they’re being stalked by extra-terrestrial visitors, and they mean harm.

Storm Warning

Streaming with Freevee as part of your Prime Video subscription, this is a lesser-known treat for fans of films The Strangers and Don’t Breathe.

Rolled out in 2007, Australia’s Storm Warning centers on a couple who find themselves on a remote island occupied by a twisted family hellbent on torturing them. Doing everything they can to survive, can the couple escape?

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

You may notice there’s a huge appreciation of found footage already, but we have to highlight yet another.

The 2014 movie The Taking of Deborah Logan chronicles the efforts of a documentary crew following Alzheimer’s patients. However, they unearth the truth about one patient and it’s beyond anything they could’ve comprehended.

A late gem of the genre, don’t miss the thrills this directorial debut has on offer.

Tales Of Halloween

It wouldn’t be a Halloween horror night without at least one anthology movie, and fans of Trick r Treat and Creepshow will find lots to love about Tales Of Halloween.

Segments of this 2015 collection come courtesy of directors from Neil Marshall (The Descent) to Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw franchise).

Coming in at just 92 minutes, expect a parade of jump scares and creeping unease.

We Are Still Here

Last but not least, 2015’s We Are Still Here possesses a slow-burn atmosphere that’s difficult to shake long after it’s finished.

A married couple moves to a new neighborhood after their son’s passing but stumbles upon a disturbing secret begging to be let out in their home.

Terrifying imagery, dread, compelling plot… it’s a winner.

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