10 Questions Invincible Season 2 Must Answer In Part 2


  • Atom Eve struggles with being a hero and questions her own heroism, leaving unresolved storylines that need to be addressed in part 2.
  • Donald’s suspicions about being an android and his uncovered intel could lead to a confrontation with Cecil in the next part.
  • Debbie’s emotional journey of coming to terms with Omni-Man’s betrayal needs closure, and her arc should hopefully be completed in the upcoming season.



Warning: Spoilers ahead for Invincible season 2, part 1!

Invincible season 2, part 1 has built on the first season’s success and drove the franchise forward, but it has also left numerous questions that the second part must answer. The show’s midseason finale provided plenty of action with some interesting subplots to go with it. While the main focus was on Mark Grayson and Omni-Man’s battle with the Viltrumites, there were still a lot of other important storylines brewing in the background. This is something the series has done a great job of, telling Mark’s story while simultaneously building up other characters and giving them important roles in the series.

With the show taking a hiatus until early 2024, the wait for many of Invincible‘s underlying questions to be answered will take even longer to be addressed. Although Invincible season 2 is already complete, this small break helps build more hype and theories around the show, allowing it to come back to an even bigger level of anticipation. The series has already made big changes from its first season, with Invincible season 2 indicating Omni-Man has seemingly changed his villainous ways. Despite this, Invincible only creates more questions about him and the rest of its characters as the events of part 1 leave many stories unresolved.

10 Has Atom Eve Given Up Being A Hero?

Atom Eve Has Struggled With Being A Hero Throughout Season 2

Atom Eve may have some of the best intentions of any character in the show, yet she has found being a hero difficult this season. After Atom Eve declined the Guardians of the Globe’s request to join them in season 1, she spent much of the first season being her own hero without following orders. Rather than just fighting crime, she tried to use her powers to help people. This continued in season 2, but many of her good intentions failed to work out, leaving her feeling isolated and questioning her own heroism. Her struggle over what kind of hero she’ll be is something part 2 must follow up on.

9 Will Donald Confront Cecil About His Suspicions?

Donald Is Questioning Whether He Is Really Human

Invincible donald ferguson drinking next to Mark Grayson smiling

One of Invincible‘s most interesting side stories involves Donald Ferguson. Donald is Cecil Steadman’s right-hand man at the GDA who was killed trying to stop Omni-Man. Despite his sacrifice, Donald shows up in season 2 without any explanation. Debbie Grayson looks confused and concerned about the fact he is alive, which begins his own suspicions. Invincible season 2 doesn’t explain how Donald is alive, but it does show this seemingly new version watching his own death and bending a knife after cutting himself, seemingly indicating he is some kind of android. The intel Donald has uncovered could lead to a confrontation with Cecil in part 2.

8 Will Debbie Grayson Find Closure On Omni-Man’s Actions?

Debbie Is Still Trying To Get Over Her Husband’s Betrayal

Debbie and Cecil as seen in Invincible next to Mark posed and bloody in Invincible season 2's poster

Debbie’s season 2 story has been emotional as she tries to come to terms with her husband’s betrayal. When Omni-Man killed the Guardians of the Globe and attacked Earth, it left his family devastated. While Debbie has tried to be supportive of Mark to help get him through it, the guilt and pain have consumed her. Debbie Grayson joined a support group in Invincible season 2, but that ultimately backfired as one of the members lost his wife to Omni-Man. Art Rosenbaum did comfort Debbie and helped her begin to move on, an arc that she will hopefully complete when the series returns in 2024.

7 Did Andressa And Her Son Survive The Attack On Thraxa?

After The Viltrumite Attack, It Is Unclear If Andressa And Her Son Survived

Andressa and her son in Invincible season 2, episode 4

The reveal that Omni-Man had another son in Invincible season 2 was perhaps the biggest bombshell of the midseason finale. While it seems likely the child would survive along with his mother, Andressa, it is still not guaranteed. Most of Thraxa appeared to be killed during the Viltrumite battle while Mark got Andressa and her son to safety. They were then found by Lucan who appeared defeated, which would suggest that they were now safe. However, Lucan’s return to defeat Omni-Man confirmed he was still alive and that Andressa and her baby may not be. Even though they are probably still alive, part 2 must elaborate on what happened to them after the fight.

6 How Soon Will The Viltrumites Come To Earth?

General Kregg Told Mark The Viltrumites Would Check On His Progress Of Conquering Earth

Although Mark is unlikely to attempt to conquer Earth, the Viltrumites’ assignment makes their impending conquest all the more urgent. Earth had still felt relatively safe up until this point, but now it looks like it’s in great danger. With General Kregg promising to check on Mark’s progress, it means Earth has a war on its hands sooner rather than later. Season 2’s second part needs to put a timeline on when the Viltrumites are coming to amplify the threat. Invincible and Omni-Man’s Viltrumite fight was already brutal, but knowing it is only beginning will make the show even more tense when the Viltrumites come to Earth.

5 Will The Viltrumites Successfully Execute Omni-Man?

Omni-Man Was Captured After The Viltrumite Fight

Omni-Man injured after Viltrumite fight in Invincible season 2, episode 4

After Mark and Omni-Man are defeated during the battle on Thraxa, the Viltrumites take Omni-Man and tell Mark his father will be executed. Omni-Man told Mark to read his books before being captured. This could be a clue on how to save him, or just a final goodbye, but given the importance of the character, it seems unlikely Omni-Man will be killed. Part 2 will have to address this as it was such a significant part of the midseason finale. It may not reference it right away, but what happens to Omni-Man is one of the biggest questions the first part of season 2 offered and needs an answer.

4 Will The Coalition Of Planets Find Out Thaedus Is A Traitor?

Thaedus Tampered With Allen The Alien’s Life Support

Thaedus side eyes Allen the Alien in Invincible season 2

Allen the Alien was shown to be a strong ally of the Coalition of Planets, but its leader, Thaedus, betrayed him. After Allen came to the group with information regarding Omni-Man and a potential traitor, Viltrumites showed up shortly after to find out what he knew. Allen refused to give up the information, which nearly cost him his life. Despite being on life support, Thaedus appeared to tamper with this, indicating he was the traitor. Season 2, part 2 will hopefully explore this story more. The members may become more paranoid about a traitor and the series could also highlight Thaedus’ motivations for betraying the coalition.

3 Is Allen The Alien Still Alive?

Allen The Alien May Have Been Killed After Thaedus Tampered With His Life Support


The fallout of Thaedus’ betrayal is Allen the Alien’s potential death. His fight with the Viltrumites was one-sided, with Allen being badly injured. Entire limbs were removed, and it looked like there was little chance of survival. His exceptional regeneration ability meant that life support was keeping him alive, but Thaedus’ interference may have stopped Allen’s likelihood of surviving. Given how popular the character is, the show needs to reveal whether he managed to stay alive or if he’s gone for good. An Allen the Alien Invincible spinoff is something that could be huge, but the character’s future in the main show can’t be ignored.

2 Will Omni-Man Find Redemption?

The Show Has Been Teasing A Redemption Arc For Season 1’s Main Villain

Omni-Man looking sad in Invincible season 2, episode 4

Omni-Man’s Invincible season 2 return set up a redemption arc for the show’s biggest villain so far. He was by far the largest threat in season 1, yet it looks like he could turn over a new leaf. His seemingly peaceful rise to becoming Thraxa’s emperor didn’t require any bloodshed, and he actually looked to care for the planet and its people. Finding new love and having another son shows he has embraced the culture despite their significant differences. If Omni-Man survives being captured, part 2 can begin exploring a potential redemption arc and show if he truly can make amends for his past.

1 Where Is Angstrom Levy?

Angstrom Levy Hasn’t Appeared Since Season 2, Episode 2

Angstrom Levy in front of green portals in Invincible season 2

Season 2, part 1’s biggest mystery is the whereabouts of Angstrom Levy. He was built up to be the season’s big villain yet didn’t appear in Invincible‘s previous two episodes. Angstrom Levy’s Invincible season 2 impact hasn’t been as big as expected so far, meaning part 2 must explain what he’s been up to. Angstrom was last seen confronting an evil Mark Grayson in a different dimension, but it is unknown how he’ll confront the show’s main character. Season 2’s second part should make uncovering more about Angstrom its main priority and will hopefully reveal where he has been in Invincible.

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