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7 incredible spin-off ideas from The Crown

There are many ways that The Crown creator Peter Morgan could approach a spin-off to the immensely popular British drama series, and fans have had their fair share of excellent ideas over the years.

The Crown is scheduled to return to Netflix for its final season this year, and it has been split into two parts. Audiences will be invited to stream the first four episodes as part of season 6 part 1 on Thursday, November 16th 2023. Then, the series will be rounded off with part 2 on Thursday, December 14th 2023. While the main show is ending, there’s no doubt the potential to expand as a franchise. Here are seven The Crown spin-off ideas…

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana scowls during an interview
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A Tommy Lascelles The Crown spin-off

Sir Alan Frederick “Tommy” Lascelles was a British courtier and civil servant who became Private Secretary to both George VI and Elizabeth II.

He was portrayed by Pip Torrens and was a recurring presence for three seasons.

A potential spin-off could perhaps dive more into his personal life beyond royal duties, as Pip is a commanding presence in the role. Perhaps a mini-series format would work best.

Gillian Anderson returning as Margaret Thatcher

Known for shows like Sex Education and The X-Files, Gillian Anderson’s take on the former British Prime Minister was championed no end by both critics and general audiences.

“Netflix should commission a spin off from The Crown focusing on Margaret Thatcher’s Eleven year run in Downing Street and bringing Gillian Anderson back to play her,” one eager fan tweeted. “For me she was phenomenal in Season 4 and a her reprising the role would be incredible.”

Another echoed “I’ve almost finished season 4 of and for Christmas I would wholeheartedly like a whole spinoff show of the inner workings of Downing Street with Gillian Anderson playing Thatcher.”

More focus on Diana’s younger years

Although Elizabeth Debicki took over the Princess Diana role in season 5 and is doing a stellar job, it would be phenomenal to see a series solely exploring her younger years with Emma Corrin reprising the part after season 4.

“Emma Corrin as Diana was one of the best pieces of acting I think I’ve ever seen in my 28 years,” a fan commented. “I demand a spin-off.”

Trailers and images have teased more to come from Elizabeth’s portrayal of Diana, but there are arguably so many gaps to fill in that without season 6 flashbacks won’t be filled.

Princess Anne, please

I know I’m not the only one who wants a limited series spin off of #TheCrown devoted to Princess Anne, right? Where is the online petition for that?
-Princess Anne needs her own spinoff. Make it happen

The second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II is a favorite amongst many fans and, yes, a spin-off would be perfection. Whether it’s Erin Doherty back or season 5’s Claudia Harrison, we’ll take it

“Her character is screaming for a spin-off,” a viewer argued.

More time with Sydney Johnson

One of the highlight of the entire series for some was none other than Sydney Johnson, best known as being the valet and footman to Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor, and his wife, Wallis, Duchess of Windsor.

He served them for over three decades and later worked with Mohamed Al-Fayed, also depicted in The Crown.

Connie M’Gadzah knocked it out of the park and it’s clear people would love to see more of his story.

“We need a spinoff series about Sydney Johnson,” a fan suggested. “Looks like such an interesting life.”

Harry and Meghan

It’s already been announced that The Crown’s final season won’t chronicle the Royal Family into the 2010s, meaning we won’t get to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The pair met in 2016 and later married in 2018, and there would be enough story to warrant a multi-season spin-off if the creators of The Crown wished to dive into their relationship and relocation to America.

Princess Alice of Battenberg

Last but not least, a spin-off further exploring the life of Alice of Battenberg would also be a welcome idea for the fandom.

Prince Philip’s mother was central in season 3, but a mini-series bringing central cast members back and having Jane Lapotaire be the lead would be fantastic.

The Crown is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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