9 Best Things to Do After Beating The Game

The massive open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 gives you many things to do, even after you have beaten the best parts of the nearly 50-hour story. Additional content can extend your playthrough to even twice the amount of time you spent on the events surrounding Arthur Morgan. You likely won’t be able to tackle everything that exists in the game until later, as you explore even more of this Wild West RPG.



[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Red Dead Redemption 2.]One of the best ways to explore extra content you may have missed on your map is to get the fastest horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 to travel quickly to undiscovered areas. While you will unlock fast travel at some point, many activities found after the credits roll are hidden deep in the open world. From hunting legendary animals, searching for dinosaur bones, and collecting new guns, you have plenty of options.

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9 Explore New Austin

Hunt Animals & Discover Secrets

Red Dead Redemption 2 New Austin Map

The New Austin map in Red Dead Redemption 2 is locked until you complete the main story, making it the perfect place to visit once you beat the game. While you may remember parts of this location from the original Red Dead Redemption, the town looks very different in the past. Feel free to visit familiar spots like Armadillo, Tumbleweed, and MacFarlane’s Ranch to see gorgeous new details.

New Austin has a variety of new animals to hunt and a ton of different secrets to uncover, as you may expect from any revealed location in Red Dead Redemption 2. Having a wide area to immerse yourself in during the epilogue is a great way to start another adventure by uncovering this late-game content.

8 Pay Respects

Visit Old Friends

Unfortunately, many members of the Van der Linde gang die during the events of Red Dead Redemption 2, and some even pass away in between the years before you switch control between Arthur Morgan and John Marston. You can visit all nine graves of your former friends to earn the “Paying Respects” achievement/trophy while remembering the moments you had with each person.

Those having trouble finding the location of every grave should check out a video from YouTube creator GTA Series Videos that shows where each Van der Linde member was buried.

7 Say Hello To Old Friends as John

Reconnect With Friends

Tilly Jackson in Red Dead Redemption 2's Epilogue

On a more positive note, you can meet plenty of people, such as John Marston from the Van der Linde days, who are still alive! Reconnecting with old friends will help you learn where everyone is at after the many years that transpired once the credits finish for Red Dead Redemption 2. While you do meet up with Uncle, Abigail, and Jack at Beecher’s Hope, there are other gang members to still find in the world.

You may track down Pearson in Rhodes or Mary-Beth in Valentine, but one gang member with the best ending is Tilly, who is living in Saint-Denis. Tilly has a wonderful home and family that have let her live well since you met the NPC while playing Arthur. Those hoping for the best conclusions for the many characters in the game may be satisfied to see at least one happy.

6 Complete Stranger Missions

Revisit Strangers

An old man with wild eyes saying

Similarly, John Marston can visit many people Arthur Morgan interacted with and see how their lives have changed since those encounters. Some quests tied to these characters can only be completed during the epilogue once the final showdown has ended. Some Stranger Missions can only be finished as John, which should encourage you to tie up as many loose ends as possible.

5 Hunt Legendary Animals

Get Rare Gear

Some of the rarest outfits and gear in Red Dead Redemption 2 are tied to legendary animals, which Arthur Morgan may not have been able to fully collect before the finale. John can certainly finish Arthur’s work, as you take down every type of beast that your old friend couldn’t meet. As you customize your costume selection, new options for John’s look could be a worthwhile investment at the end of the game.

Hunting a legendary animal can take some time, making this a fun activity that will give you something to pursue as you create truly ridiculous clothes. Unique pieces of John’s outfit are only made from these rare creature parts, so there are no other ways to make these items without doing a bit of hunting.

4 Complete Challenges

Test Your Skills

Arthur Morgan walking down the stairs of a saloon in RDR2

Anyone looking for more objectives at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 should check their current stats from the Menu, which displays challenges they may still have to complete. These tasks range from robbing people to mastering survival techniques, which create more games to play rather than simply enjoying scenery. According to YouTube creator GTA Series Videos, there are multiple requirements for many challenges.

3 Kill The Last Carolina Parakeet

See a Weird Easter Egg

The mission log for the Carolina Parakeet in RDR2

An endangered species can be eliminated if you kill the last Carolina Parakeet in Red Dead Redemption 2. This bird went extinct around the same time the game takes place, but you can be personally responsible for its erasure from this period. An interesting and historic Easter Egg, this task may seem cruel, but nature would take its course anyway.

2 Collect All Horses

Tame Stallions

There are plenty of different horse breeds in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you can only tame once you reach the epilogue. Some exist in the wilds of the open world, while others are found at Stables for pretty expensive prices. You may have to build up your money before trying to add every type of stallion into your collection, especially for two of the rarest mares in the game, the White Arabian and Bay Mustang.

Some horses can only be purchased and tamed within the Stable where they are bought, while others may only be befriended at specific locations on the map.

1 Just Relax

Pass Time

The Marston Family eating supper in RDR2

While there are undoubtedly many goals to fulfill, trophies to earn, or hidden pieces of content to find, sometimes it’s best just to wind down back at the Marston ranch. The Platinum trophy will take time to complete, so make sure you rest when you can. The characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 need John’s help, too, with chores and other small tasks adding to the rich world they’ve been in all this time.

For those looking for even more things to do after beating Red Dead Redemption 2, they can always try Red Dead Online‘s MMO formula or restart the story to go through events differently, with a new approach to Arthur Morgan’s character.

Source: YouTube/GTA Series Videos

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