Avengers Confirms Its New Hero Is as Strong as Thor


  • Vic Shade’s ability to alter his own molecular density gives him strength that puts him in the same category as Marvel’s heaviest hitters, making him a formidable opponent for Thor.
  • As Janet’s partner, Vic Shade’s immense power presents a potential danger that is currently being kept in check, though his true origins and loyalties remain uncertain.
  • Whether Vic Shade will end up battling Thor and the Avengers, or remain their strongest new recruit, will depend on the unfolding truth of his existence, as Avengers Inc. moves forward.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers Inc #3!!

Thor is easily one of the most powerful players on the Avengers’ roster, but even the God of Thunder can’t defeat everyone. Janet Van Dyne’s latest investigation has led her to Victor Shade, who quickly proved himself as one of the strongest beings in the team’s history – by breaking another Asgardian God’s nose.

In Avengers Inc #3 – by Al Ewing, Leonard Kirk, Belardino Brabo, and Alex Sinclair – Janet Van Dyne and Vic Shade accompany Valkyrie to Valhalla to investigate Skurge’s murder. They step into a brawl, and Vic immediately gets the upper hand with one of the Asgardian gods enjoying the afterlife.


After Victor breaks his nose, the Asgardian marvels that it was a punch “worthy of the Odinson himself” – perhaps the highest praise one could receive walking the halls of Valhalla. For now, Vic Shade is acting as Janet’s partner, but if he finds himself at odds with the Avengers, it will be hard for even god-like powers to slow him down.

Vic Shade Can Increase His Power To Match Thor

panels from Avengers Inc #3, Vic Shade confronts Griffin

Exactly how Victor Shade came to exist remains a mystery, but the missing pieces don’t hinder his power. Back in Avengers Inc #1, he suddenly begins to inhabit the body of one of Janet Van Dyne’s former enemies, Whirlwind. The threads of his existence are still being woven together, but he currently carries one of the names and several abilities belonging to classic Avenger Vision. Among their similarities is Vic’s ability to alter his own molecular density, essentially adjusting his physical power at will. It was enough to knock out Griffin, who is strong enough to walk off a punch from Wonder Man.

This ability immediately puts Vic in a category with some of Marvel’s heaviest hitters. Thor himself is “busy with the Frost Giants” during Vic’s visit to Asgard, and has yet to go a round with Shade. Vic’s easy handling of Griffin and the Asgardian god, prove Victor has the raw power necessary to face the Odinson. Altering his density allows Vic to hit harder, and avoid attacks. With quick enough action, he could overwhelm Thor, before the God of Thunder had a chance to pull out any other tactics. In terms of basic strength, Vic could go toe-to-toe with Thor, and that’s not something many could ever hope to claim.

Vic Shade Could Turn That Power Against the Avengers

panels from Avengers Inc #3, Vic Shade introduces himself to Valkyrie

Vic Shade’s work as Janet’s partner keeps him close, while also on a short leash. It would be dangerous to have that level of power unchecked, especially when none of the Avengers seem to understand what he is or how he came to be in Whirlwind’s body. Hank Pym is somehow involved in his existence, which is hardly reassuring, in terms of his loyalties, or who is pulling the strings. When the truth comes to light, it could present a huge obstacle to the new, uncertain partnership between Vic and Janet. Time will tell whether that means Victor Shade faces Thor and the other Avengers in battle, or remains their strongest new recruit.

Avengers Inc #3 is available now from Marvel Comics.

AVENGERS INC #3 (2023)

  • Writer: Al Ewing
  • Artist: Leonard Kirk
  • Colorist: Alex Sinclair
  • Letterer: Cory Petit
  • Cover Artist: Daniel Acuña


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