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Bad Bunny allegedly hides his features on new album Nadie Sabe with fans saying he’s ‘pulled a Kanye’

Bad Bunny’s new album Nadie Sabe is finally out, but it has left fans scratching their heads over its featured artists. Some think the album has no features at all, while others say the rapper has “pulled a Kanye” by hiding the album’s featured artists.

The Puerto Rican rapper’s much-awaited album Nadie Sabe finally arrived in the early hours of Friday, October 13. Bad Bunny had fans on the edge of their seats ever since teasing his album on Twitter a few days ago. Now that his studio album is out, fans are scratching their heads over the features on it. Some think they have heard various artists’ voices on the songs; others think there are no features at all.

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Bad Bunny ‘pulls a Kanye’ and ‘hides’ features in his new album

If you pull up Spotify, Apple Music, or your other go-to music listening platform, and search for Nadie Sabe, a tracklist of its 22 songs pops up. However, it says all the songs are by Bad Bunny.

This caught many fans off guard, as several of them expected the Grammy winner’s new release to feature many of the industry’s top artists. However, the early birds that listened to the whole album as soon as it came out claimed that Bad Bunny had “pulled a Kanye,” and “hidden” the names of the featured artists. But one can apparently still hear them in the songs.

For those who are wondering what “pulling a Kanye” means in this context, it refers to Kanye West (now called Ye) hiding all the featured artists on his 2021 album Donda when it was first released. This left fans playing the guessing game until the album’s features were officially revealed.

Tracklist of Bad Bunny’s new album Nadie Sabe revealed

Nadie Sabe’s tracklist consists of 22 songs and we have listed them all below.

1. Nadie Sabe
2. Monaco
3. Fina
4. Hibiki
5. Mr. October
6. Cybertruck
7. Vou 787
8. Seda
9. Gracias por Nada
10. Teléfono Nuevo
11. Baby Nueva
12. Mercedes Carota
13. Los Pits
14. Vuelve Candy B
15. Baticano
16. No Me Quiero Casar
17. Where She Goes
18. Thunder y Lightning
19. Perro Negro
20. Europa 🙁
21. Acho PR
22. Un Preview

Fans thought Peso Pluma and others would be on Bad Bunny’s album

Many fans took to Twitter asking who were the features on Bad Bunny’s new album.

“Bad Bunny promoted all those features on the billboards for none of them to show up on the album SMFH,” one fan said.

“Does Bad Bunny’s album have any features,” another person asked.

Others said they expected Peso Pluma and other artists would be on the rapper’s album.

“I thought Rosalia, Sza, Asap Rocky & Peso Pluma was gonna be on Bad Bunny’s album,” said a fan.

Others claimed the singer whose real name is Benito Martínez Ocasio just “pulled a Kanye” by “hiding” his features.

“Thought from the tracklist that Bad Bunny dropped an album with no features but Benito actually just pulled a Kanye and didn’t list any of them in the credits,” said one listener.

“Wait the Bad Bunny tracklist with Peso Pluma was fake?” said a fan who saw a fake tracklist.

Others said they could decipher which were featured artists on the album.

“Loved all of Bad Bunny’s features album had me shooketh,” said one person.

“The features on Bad Bunny album goin harder than him,” said another listener.

Some fans guessed who the features were.

“Young Miko & Feid features on Bad Bunny’s new album are godly,” one fan said.

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