Best Of Mohbad Mix 2023 (Last Respect to Imole)


Best Of Mohbad Mix 2023 (Last Respect to Imole) – Naijaloaded x DJ OP Dot

The sudden death of Mohbad is still a shock to all his fans, in fact, he died the moment his music career started reaching greater heights. There is a lot of controversy about his death as to what/who killed him.

At the time of writing this article, the real cause of his death is still under investigation. Read about Mohbad’s Autopsy Here.

The demand for #Justice4Mohbad highlights the need to recognize and celebrate the artist’s achievements, reflecting the mix’s more profound meaning. It serves as a call to action to ensure his legacy is upheld and his narrative is not lost.

A communal outpouring of affection and gratitude for an artist who made a lasting impression, “Last Respect (Mohbad Mix)” is more than just music.

Best Of Mohbad Mix 2023

This compilation honors his music while also serving as a reminder of his influence on the music business. The mix by DJ OP Dot is a potent declaration that Mohbad’s music continues to be loved by listeners. His significant songs are combined in the mix, resulting in a musical trip that highlights his intriguing lyrics and unique flow.

best of mohbad

Best Of Mohbad Playlist Mix

1. Intro – DJ OP Dot
2. Mohbad – I Dey Find You
3. Mohbad – Beast & Peace
4. Mohbad – Jah Cover
5. Mohbad – Adura
6. Mohbad – Sorry
7. Mohbad – Sabi
8. Mohbad – Blessing
9. Mohbad – Mariwo
10. Mohbad – Omo Mi
11. Mohbad – Ask About me
12. Mohbad – La Pio Pio
13. Mohbad – Feel Good
14. Mohbad – Tiff
15. Mohbad – Weekend
16. Mohbad – Jaabo
17. Mohbad – Vanity
18. Mohbad – Shina Peter’s
19. Mohbad – Peace
20. Mohbad – Back Side
21. Mohbad – Account Balance
22. Mohbad – KPK
23. Mohbad – Ronaldo
24. Mohbad – No Long Cap
25. Outro DJ OP Dot I Love Youuuu

Listen below

DJ Tunzy – Best Of Mohbad 2023 Mix (Mixtape)

“Best Of Mohbad 2023 Mix” is a new tempting mixtape by DJ Tunzy for his followers. It is an assortment of Mohbad’s earlier and more recent singles.

The mix was released soon after Tuesday’s unexpected death of “Ask About Me” singer Mohbad. This is a special thank you to his supporters who helped him during those fleeting but unforgettable moments.

Below, you may listen to and share DJ Tunzy’s “Best Of Mohbad 2023 Mix”.


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