Big Brother 2023 contestants List, Format, Overview, Trailer And More

Big Brother 2023

Big Brother 2023, also known as Big Brother 20, is the latest season of the popular reality TV show in the United Kingdom. It’s a special season because it’s the first time it’s airing on ITV2 after ITV got the rights to the show in August 2022. The season started on October 8, 2023, with a special launch show that aired on both ITV and ITV2. After the launch, the rest of the series is shown exclusively on ITV2. The show is hosted by AJ Odudu and Will Best, who also host the companion show called Big Brother: Late & Live.

Before this season, there was a long break of almost four years since the show was last on Channel 5. The return of Big Brother to ITV2 was highly anticipated, and it brought a fresh and contemporary feel to the show. The series features 16 housemates who come from various walks of life.

They will live together in the Big Brother house, where their every move is captured by cameras, and the audience gets to watch all the drama, alliances, and conflicts. The viewers play a crucial role by voting for their favorite housemates, ultimately deciding who wins the cash prize at the end of the series.

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Big Brother 2023 contestants List

Here are the list of Big Brother 2023 contestants:


Kerry is a 40-year-old NHS Manager from Essex who’s excited to meet new people and take on challenges.


Olivia, a 23-year-old Dancer from Glasgow, looks forward to the unique experience of Big Brother and meeting new people.


Henry, a 25-year-old Food Writer from Cotswolds, is sociable and excited about the challenges ahead.


Paul, a 23-year-old Security Officer from Liverpool, applied because he’s a fan of the show and watched it with his mom.


Trish, a 33-year-old Mum from Luton, applied to humanize refugees and immigrants in today’s political climate.


Matty, a 24-year-old Doctor from Isle of Man, applied to experience something different and was inspired by watching Big Brother as a child.


Noky, a 26-year-old Banker from Derby, is excited about tasks and meeting housemates, as he’s very competitive.


Jenkin, a 25-year-old Barman from Bridgend, applied for fun and a change of pace in life.


Tom, a 21-year-old from Livington, Somerset, applied for the fun and a break from day-to-day life.


Farida, a 50-year-old Make-up artist from Wolverhampton, aims to represent Asian culture and women on TV.


Hallie, an 18-year-old Youth worker from South London, applied for the experience and to have fun.


Dylan, a 39-year-old DJ from Coventry, is excited to meet new people and face challenges as an amputee.


Chanelle, a 29-year-old Dental Therapist from Llanelli, looks forward to meeting people from different backgrounds.


Jordan, a 25-year-old Lawyer from Scunthorpe, applied out of boredom and for the social experiment.


Zak, a 28-year-old Model from Manchester, is excited for tasks and getting to know strangers.


Yinrun, a 25-year-old Customer Support Agent from Harrogate, applied for the fun and adventure of the show.


Big Brother 2023 Format

Big Brother 2023 follows a familiar format that fans of the show have come to love over the years. The show is designed to run for about six weeks, and during this time, the housemates live together in a specially designed house. Inside the house, they face various challenges, tasks, and nominations. Every week, the housemates nominate each other for eviction, and the public gets to vote for who they want to stay in the house.

One of the exciting parts of the show is the live eviction episodes where the housemates discover who will be leaving the house. The audience’s votes play a significant role in determining the winner of the series, who will walk away with a cash prize. The show also features a companion program called Big Brother: Late & Live, where the evicted housemate gives their first interview.

Additionally, there’s a live stream of the house available on ITVX, the streaming service from ITV, where viewers can watch what’s happening inside the house late at night. Overall, the format of Big Brother 2023 retains the elements that made it a hit show, including the drama, suspense, and audience participation.

Big Brother 2023 House

The Big Brother 2023 house is an essential part of the show’s charm, and it comes with some exciting changes. The location of the house was initially kept secret, but it was teased as being an “iconic Big Brother house” with a modern look.

Some reports suggested that it might be filmed at various studios. Ultimately, it was revealed that the house would be located at Garden Studios in North London, and it was specially designed for this season. It includes versatile staging and an in-house virtual production studio, enhancing the visual appeal and capabilities of the show.

The show’s iconic eye logo was also given a fresh look for this season. It was revealed during the final of Love Island in July 2023. The eye logo features multi-colored icons with various symbols, and the words “Big Brother.” It also includes a smaller eye in the center. This updated eye logo reflects the show’s new era on ITV2 and adds a modern touch to the series. Overall, both the house and the eye logo contribute to the show’s visual appeal and set the stage for an exciting and fresh season of Big Brother in 2023.

Big Brother 2023 Overview


Big Brother Series 20

Hosted by

AJ Odudu, Will Best

No. of days


No. of housemates


Companion shows

Big Brother: Late & Live

Country of origin

United Kingdom

No. of episodes


Original network


ITV (launch show)

Original release

8 October 2023 –present

Big Brother 2023 Trailer

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