Brennan Blindsided Emily (Was He Being Mean?)


  • Brennan’s sudden change in behavior blindsided Emily and caused confusion. He was mean and uncommunicative, which worried Emily.
  • Brennan’s inability to vocalize his true feelings is a disservice to Emily. He thinks he’s protecting her by being vague, but he’s actually not being nice.
  • Brennan seems checked out and no longer invested in the marriage. He needs to communicate better and make an effort to build romance with Emily.



Married at First Sight season 17 participant Brennan blindsided his new wife Emily in the latest episode and came off harsh. Emily and Brennan were the first couple to tie the knot this season. They had a smooth wedding and got along from the beginning. Emily had never been in a relationship before, but that didn’t scare off Brennan, who heard that information during Emily’s vows. Post-wedding, the pair embarked on their honeymoon with the other three Married at First Sight couples in Mexico.

Emily and Brennan interacted and bantered very well during the honeymoon and shared a lot of laughs. Brennan admired Emily for how well she handled the stressful situation with her hair matting up and needing to be cut. Furthermore, Brennan and Emily agreed on their life trajectories and professional goals. During the group boat outing, the duo seemed smitten, too. It’s when they returned to Denver that Brennan started acting differently.

Brennan Does Not Feel Romantic Connection With Emily

Upon arrival in Denver, Brennan did not want to move into the neutral living space and said he would spend a few days at his place working. He was short with his responses and generally unanimated in his interactions with Emily. He told the cameras that he had spent 24/7 with Emily on the honeymoon and that he was drained as reason for why he was stepping back. However, he did not tell Emily how he was feeling at that time, which is a red flag. He was mean because he wasn’t being upfront and honest, which worried Emily and made her confused.

Brennan Won’t Vocalize How He Actually Feels (It’s A Disservice)

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During the latest episode of Married at First Sight season 17, Emily and Brennan sat down with Pastor Cal to discuss where they were at. During the meeting, Brennan vocalized that he did not feel a romantic connection with Emily but would not elaborate on what he meant or how he got to that headspace. Brennan’s inability to communicate and his decision not to be straight about the situation is a big disservice to Emily, who deserves the truth from her husband. He thinks he’s protecting Emily’s feelings by being vague, but he is actually not being nice.

Will Brennan Actually Push Himself?

Brennan told Pastor Cal that he would push himself to be receptive to a romance with Emily and not write the marriage off. However, at this point, Brennan seems checked out and like his heart is no longer in the experiment. He owes it to Emily to not only give her answers but also try to build romance between them. Emily was blindsided by Brennan’s whole change of attitude on Married at First Sight (via Lifetime) season 17, and if they are going to have better days ahead, Brennan will need to communicate better and not leave Emily in the dark and wondering what she did.

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