Canceled Shadow & Bones Spinoff Plot Details Revealed By Writer


  • Shadow and Bone was canceled by Netflix, including the already-written Six of Crows spinoff.
  • The cancelation sparked controversy and a fan campaign to save the show.
  • There is a chance that another party could pick up the series and its spinoff for further development.



Shadow and Bone writer Christina Strain reveals new plot details for the canceled Six of Crows spinoff. Based on the book trilogy by Leigh Bardugo and developed for television by Eric Heisserer, the fantasy series follows the orphan cartographer Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) who discovers she is a Grisha, one with extraordinary magical abilities, and could be the key to saving her war-torn world from dark forces. Netflix canceled Shadow and Bone after season 2, along with the planned spinoff series based on the Six of Crows duology which was already written.

Now, Christina Strain has taken to Twitter/X to share new plot details for the scrapped Shadow and Bone spinoff, Six of Crows. In a series of tweets, the screenwriter detailed the first episode she wrote which centered on Wylan Hendricks (Jack Wolfe). Check out the series of tweets below:

Strain’s series of tweets, as seen above, read as follows:

A friend told me Eric told the internet about our “Lamb,” so I came running back to tell you more. There were several eps where Matthias called Wylan, “Lamb,” but the first was in mine. Which was a Wylan centric episode. Here’s a little thread on how it went down:

On the Ferolind, Wylan needs Matthias to confirm/correct his drawing of the Ice Court but Matthias isn’t playing ball. He’s pissed/aggressively carving a small isenulf figure. So Wylan tries to connect by telling him about the time his dad took him to the Ice Court.

And it’s a sweet. Van Eck saw how enamored little Wylan was with a Drüskelle’s Isenulf, so Van Eck doted on him by arranging for a Drüskelle to take little Wylan to a kennel full of Isenulf puppies. Clearly a good memory. But by now you also know Van Eck’s a monster dad so…

ANYWAY, this warms Matthias up a bit. So Wylan asks if Matthias had an isenulf, and Matthias talks about Trassel. Wylan asks if he’s gonna look for him when they get back to Fjerda, but Matthias can’t. Post his capture, Trassel was released back into the wild. Without a pack.

Also, side note. I wrote this scene with the specific goal of getting the nickname “Lamb” onto the show because of our resident office dog, Lambchop. In season one of S&B, I named Milo after @daeganf’s dog Milo, so for this season I wanted to get @Slaydonistic’s pup in there.

Awww, I’m glad so many of you enjoyed this. Maybe one day I’ll tell you about another scene in which Matthias is having a shitty time, and admits something honest and heartbreaking to Wylan. … I might love breaking characters hearts.

Could Shadow & Bone & The Six Of Crows Spinoff Be Saved?

The Crows in formation

Shadow and Bone was canceled by Netflix after two seasons before it had the chance to adapt the third book, Ruin and Rising, in its entirety. The Six of Crows spinoff series, based on the book of the same name and Crooked Kingdom, was also scrapped, which was already written and would have continued the Crows’ story from Shadow and Bone. The premature cancelation was met with much controversy – author Leigh Bardugo was “heartbroken and disappointed” by the decision, while disgruntled fans started a campaign to try and save the show.


Warrior Nun & Shadow And Bone Drive Home 1 Harsh Reality About Netflix Shows

The recent unexpected cancellations of hit shows like Warrior Nun and Shadow And Bone shed light on a harsh reality about the future of Netflix shows.

While the canceled series won’t continue at Netflix, there is a chance that Shadow and Bone and its Six of Crows spinoff could get picked up elsewhere. Similarly, Netflix canceled Warrior Nun after two seasons, and after a fan campaign aimed at saving the show, the property was picked up elsewhere, and will now continue as a trilogy of feature films. The Six of Crows spinoff series is already written, which would certainly expedite its development if another party decides to pick up Shadow and Bone.

Source: Christina Strain/Twitter

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