Captivating the King Episode 9 Recap and Review: Hee-soo Wins the King’s Heart and Protection

Captivating the King Episode 9 Recap and Review: Famous director, Jo Nam-gook known for his top hit series The Good Detective is back with a historical romance drama with a spoonful of twists and turns, Starring top-notch actors like Jo Jung-suk, Shin Sae-kyeong, and Lee Shin-young, Captivating the King (세작, 매혹된 자들) has all the fun and spice in it to make the viewers sit back and watch throughout. Both Netflix and TV are distributing the series, meaning its potential is global.

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The three main roles are done by Jo Jung-suk as Lee In, Shin Sae-kyeong as Kang Hee-soo/ Kang Mong-woo and Lee Shin-young as Kim Myung-ha. Jo Jung-suk’s previous hit was Hospital Playlist (2020 – 2021), Shin Sae-kyeong’s last venture was Run On (2020 – 2021) and Lee Shin-young was last seen in CEO-dol Mart (2023).

– Captivating the King Episode 9 Review Contains Spoilers –

Captivating the King Plot

Lee In is a prince with a caring older brother, King Lee Sun. Pledging loyalty to his brother, Lee In is taken hostage by the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, King Lee Sun misinterprets this loyalty as betrayal, leading to a strained relationship. Lee In suffers emotionally due to his brother’s resentment.

During his time as a hostage, Lee In encounters an unknown baduk player who captivates him with her skills. Eventually, circumstances unfold, and Lee In ascends to the throne as the king. Despite holding a powerful position, he grapples with internal sadness and vulnerability.

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Kang Hee-soo, previously known as a skilled but unknown baduk player, crosses paths with Prince Lee In and falls in love with him. However, fate takes a twist as she becomes a spy with a mission for revenge. Her journey involves approaching King Lee In, adding complexities to their intertwined destinies.

Captivating the King Episode 9 Recap

The King and Hee-soo spend a passionate night where he remembers the incidents that took place 3 years ago. A flashback is shown where we learn that the King has tried to protect Mong-woo and sent his men to search for him when he learns he went missing. However, since Mong-woo wasn’t found, Sang-hwa declared him dead to the King. Hence the King becomes completely heartbroken and for three whole years, he only drinks and plays baduk on his own, regretting his act. We learn that the King has always been in love with Mong-woo regardless of gender.

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After the night, he leaves the place and orders Sang-hwa to let know Mong-woo/Hee-soo that he is to be confined as a punishment. Since Sang-hwa doesn’t know that Mong-woo is a woman, he delivers the message in the morning only when Mong-woo himself comes out. Hearing the news, Mong-woo that is Hee-soo understands that the King has done it to protect her. Back at the palace, the principal director learns of Mong-woo’s punishment and feels distressed because he wants to arrest him and kill him.

To somehow banish Mong-woo, the principal director makes use of the incoming Qing envoy. He appoints Hyun-bo to escort and learn what’s the deal about. When the principal director informs that Hyun-bo will be the escort the King declines however after a valid statement the King agrees on a condition that he should bring in the info in 3 days. In return, the principal director demands that if the work is done in three days, Mong-woo must be exiled from the dynasty. The King agrees.

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Meanwhile, with the help of his people, the King prepares a proper plan to save Hee-soo/Mong-woo. Before Hyun-bo could reach, the King won the favour of the Qing Envoy. The King makes his men arrest Mong-woo/Hee-soo so he can talk beforehand about the plan. That night during the feast, the Qing envoy asks for the baduk player. The principal director argues that they shouldn’t bring a criminal however the King says that one shouldn’t put out the wish of a Qing personnel.

Captivating the King Episode 9 Review

The King has always been in love with Mong-woo and now that he knows it’s a woman, his feelings overflow. All he now cares about is to protect Hee-soo but he also knows that being a King is super difficult and that if it means to save his nation, he has to sacrifice her as well. He is completely surrounded by people willing to use him for their personal gain and he knows it. However, he has to take things cleverly or else everything will end in vain.

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The series is excellent because apart from the beautiful romance and the revenge plot, we get to see how the lives of Kings were back in the day. They had to make tough decisions for the welfare of their people even if it means to kill their own family. Through the lens of King Lee In, we learn the misery of powerful men who are indeed powerless when it comes to human emotions. Though Lee In is a very kind man, his responsibility forces him to make decisions that will break his heart and shatter his mental peace.

Though Hee-soo is in dire need of revenge, her love is overpowering it. Though she tries to bring back her aim, she ends up falling for the King. She knows there’s so much going on within the palace and she is unaware of the truth. Maybe when she knows she’ll forgive him however loss is a loss. Her best friend Hongjang died and she had to suffer in silence for three years. Hence Hee-soo will get her revenge but at the same time try to protect the love of her life.

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Captivating the King is streaming on Netflix. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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