Christine & Janelle Brown Reveal If They Want To Star In A Sister Wives Spin-Off Together


  • Sister Wives’ Christine and Janelle open to a spin-off series but no official plans yet. They still consider themselves a family despite leaving Kody.
  • While interested in a spin-off, they have no intention of leaving the original series. They have fun together and are planning activities for the future.
  • Christine and Janelle’s bond remains strong even after leaving their marriages. They support each other and are moving into the next chapters of their lives together.

Sister Wives Christine Brown and Janelle Brown shared their thoughts surrounding a spin-off series of their very own, which viewers have been asking for after both chose to leave Kody Brown. Christine, who left Kody during Sister Wives season 17, has had more time to gather her thoughts about sharing with the public, while Janelle has had less time to herself outside of her marriage. The pair have been sister wives for over 30 years, and despite the fact that they’ve both left their spiritual marriages with Kody, they still consider themselves a family. Christine and her new husband, David Woolley, include Janelle in their plans for the future.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christine and Janelle shared that while there are no official plans for a spin-off series after Sister Wives season 18, they’d both be interested in discussing it. “We have conversations, we have had conversations [about it],” Christine shared, while Janelle confirmed that there aren’t currently any talks happening for a spin-off featuring the two of them.

Though both Sister Wives stars seemed enticed by the idea of a show of their own, they were clear that the plan isn’t currently for them to leave the original series. Instead, Janelle chimed in, “We will always continue to [have fun together], and we do have a lot of fun. We’re already planning out next year, we have a lot of fun things coming.” The pair discussed that they’ve planned out some fun activities for the upcoming year, and hope to keep enjoying their time together.

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Christine & Janelle’s Sister Wives Bond Explained

Sister Wives' Christine & Janelle Brown looking serious

After living in a plural marriage together, Christine and Janelle share a bond that doesn’t seem breakable. While the show itself didn’t play a part in Christine and Janelle’s decisions to leave their marriages, Christine shared that she feels “we’ve been authentic and real for all of these years, [so the fans] deserve to know that my marriage is ending.” Though her marriage ended, the bond she shared with Janelle held firm. “The friendship and the bond that I have with Janelle, I feel like we were successful with our plural marriage. We’re still a family, and we are still raising our kids together – we’re still sister wives.”

Christine, who married into the Brown family in 1994 just a few years after Janelle, may not have always gotten along with her sister wives, but the bond that she shares with Janelle has been inspiring to watch. After Janelle and Kody’s massive fight during Sister Wives season 18 episode 3, Christine offered support to Janelle as she came to the difficult decision that she needed to leave her marriage. The women have been able to lean on one another during an incredibly difficult time, and after raising their children together and being part of the same family for decades, they’re moving into the next chapters of their lives together.

As Christine and Janelle move into their next phase of life, it’s possible that they’ll remain on Sister Wives for the foreseeable future, exploring themselves outside the confines of plural marriage. While their children are nearly all fully grown, Christine and Janelle’s time has been spent more recently pursuing travel and spending time with Christine’s husband, David. The pair may not be ready for a spin-off series of their own, but with Sister Wives as popular as it’s ever been, there’s still hope for a bright future.

Source: Entertainment Tonight/YouTube


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