DC’s Absolute Strongest Justice League was a Perfect Fusion of 2 Teams


  • The Justice Titans, a fusion of the Justice League and the Teen Titans, are an absurdly powerful team in the extended DC Universe.
  • Batman and Superman find themselves in a fusion of Gotham City and Metropolis called “Gothamopolis” and encounter the Justice Titans.
  • The Titans have become their own team fully on par with the Justice League, and the fusion of these two teams in the Justice Titans creates an unstoppable force.



DC’s iconic teams — the Justice League and the Titans — are absurdly powerful on their own, but one twisted version of reality gave birth to DC’s most powerful team: the Justice Titans. The Justice Titans is a fusion of the biggest teams, producing wildly powerful characters.

This unbelievable team debuts in Superman/Batman #60 by Michael Green, Mike Johnson, Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato, and Rob Leigh. Batman and Superman wake up in what at first looks like Gotham City. But on closer inspection, it’s not Gotham City at all — at least, not quite. It’s actually a fusion between Gotham and Metropolis called “Gothamopolis.” There they meet a strange team: the Justice Titans.

The Justice Titans Confront Batman and Superman

While Superman and Batman take the time to question how their cities were fused together, they’re suddenly attacked by a fusion of the Justice League and the Teen Titans.

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The Justice Titans Confront Batman And Superman

DC’s Strongest Team Is Revealed in Superman/Batman #60

Hawkbeast Attacks Superman with the Justice Titans

For years, the two biggest teams in the DC Universe have been the Justice League and the Teen Titans. Since the debut of Dick Grayson as Robin, many DC heroes recruited their own sidekicks. But when their adult mentors were in the League, there wasn’t much for the kids to do. Because of this, the Teen Titans were created, and while it may have originally seemed like a stepping stone to joining the Justice League, the Titans are now their own team fully on par with the League. In current DC continuity, the Titans have replaced the Justice League outright on the world stage. This is why the Justice Titans is such an absurdly powerfuly idea: because neither team is weaker than the other, bringing them together makes something far stronger.

The Justice Titans are made up of fun mashups of every character from both rosters (except for the Flash, who is a staple on both teams). Batman and Superman have to contend with characters such as Night Lantern (Nightwing and Green Lantern), Star Canary (Starfire and Black Canary), and Aquaborg (Aquaman and Cyborg). It not only matches their history and personalities, but also their powers. For example, Aquaborg is a man in a cybernetic suit who appears to have aquakinesis. It’s a really fun idea, and other characters such as Hawkbeast — a fusion of Beast Boy and Hawkman — make perfect sense. The only character who is rather unaffected is the Flash. Since he’s been on both the Titans and the Justice League, he fuses with himself, becoming “Wally Allen.”

The Justice Titans Could Lead the Main DC Universe

The Justice Titans Attack Batman

The Justice League is often considered the most powerful team in the DCU. But DC has shown time and time again that the Titans are just as powerful as the Justice League and have saved the world almost as many times as their mentors. One of the big reasons the teams end up fused together in this universe is that they’re true equals. With the Justice League currently gone in the main DCU and the Beast World event on the horizon, it’ll be up to the Titans to save the world — but one twisted reality shows that if the two teams ever merged, they’d be unstoppable as the Justice Titans.

Superman/Batman #60 is available now from DC Comics!


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