Doctor Slump Episode 15 Recap and Review: The Bad Days Are Finally Gone

Director Oh Hyun-jong
Screenwriter Baek Sun-woo
Cast Park Shin-hye, Park Hyung-sik, Yoon Park, Kong Seong-ha, Jang Hye-jin, Hyun Bong-sik
Episodes 16
Network jTBC
Korean Title 닥터슬럼프
Genre Comedy, Romance, Drama

Doctor Slump Episode 15 brings a series of Jeong-woo’s failed proposals which finally finds its way to success, while Dae-young gets a chance to do things right.

Doctor Slump takes over jTBC’s Saturday-Sunday release Welcome to Samdal-ri, starring Ji Chang-wook and Shin Hye-sun. The plot follows Yeo Jeong-woo and Nam Ha-neul who have been living as two successful individuals, only for it to all come crashing down. Now, the two are forced to start afresh while sharing living quarters; reigniting a past rivalry that may lead to a possible romance.

-Doctor Slump Episode 15 Review Contains Spoilers-

Doctor Slump Episode 15 Recap

Jeong-woo wonders how to propose to Ha-neul now that he has a ring in his hand, however, it suddenly slips from his hand and rolls under the sofa. Jeong-woo starts looking for it and Ha-neul joins him which makes him panic into confessing that the thing under the sofa is a ring, cockroaches crawl out and scare the two into screaming.

Jeong-woo shares this embarrassing moment with Dae-young the next day who sympathises with him before focusing on the proposal part. He then warns Jeong-woo against it and tells him to not hurry as it would put Ha-neul off as she has just started her career as an assistant professor. Jeong-woo understands his point and decides to buy Ha-neul a bracelet as a gift.

Later, he returns home but is caught by Ba-da who makes him buy some tteokbeokki. As the two have a snack with Tae-seon, they begin teasing Jeong-woo about the cockroach incident. Jeong-woo explains to them that he wanted to propose to her but has now bought a bracelet instead.

Doctor Slump Episode 15
Doctor Slump Episode 15 still

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The two tell him about the time Wol-seon bought Ha-neul a bracelet which she found to be a hassle. This makes Jeong-woo rush and buy Ha-neul another piece of jewellery to gift instead. The next morning, Ba-da tells his mother about Jeong-woo making the news for getting back the penalty he had paid which has made him rich.

Ha-neul walks in and Ba-da tells her about the same and how Jeong-woo likes spending time with him and their uncle as he no longer has any friends because of the incident. This angers Ha-neul as she walks out to the rooftop. As she plans to surprise Jeong-woo, he surprises her instead and the two enter his house for some coffee.

Ha-neul then warns him to stay away from Ba-da and not indulge him in any way. She then expresses her anger towards people writing such articles about Jeong-woo who has already gone through so much. Jeong-woo is happy to hear her care and assures that while it may have been hard in the beginning, he is okay now with her by his side.

He then changed the topic to some cases he had been studying which are on his USB drive. Ha-neul gets up to get it from the drawer when Jeong-woo stops her as he has hidden her gifts in there. The two suddenly get closer and Jeong-woo is about to give her the gifts when Ba-da interrupts their moment.

Ha-neul drags him out after seeing his behaviour towards Jeong-woo. Later, Jeong-woo tells Dae-young about all that has happened while standing in front of the elevator. Suddenly, the door opens to reveal Hong-ran and the nurse who kissed Dae-young accidentally. An awkward atmosphere spreads in the elevator and Jeong-woo posters Dae-young to tell him what happened which leads the latter to accidentally shout at Hong-ran.

Doctor Slump Episode 15
Doctor Slump Episode 15 still

Another misunderstanding is created between them when Jeong-woo is told that the news of his upcoming charity surgery will be made public. Ha-neul also finds out about this and is against it as she doesn’t want people to use him. Her anger towards the way people are treating Jeong-woo is slowly reaching its peak and she later orders some drinks during dinner with Jeong-woo.

Hong-ran also joins their dinner and the two women get drunk. Having expected this outcome, Jeong-woo accepts his fate and calls Dae-young for help. The two men take care of the women who soon get out of control which only makes them rush to their ways. In her drunk state, Hong-ran confesses how falling in love is like being drunk.

While the excitement and happiness, in the beginning, is fun, the painful hangover is also something that follows, and this pain is what makes her scared. Elsewhere, Jeong-woo takes Ha-neul home where she calls her mother who is standing in front of her, and tells her that she is working the night shift after which she tells Jeong-woo that she will be staying the night with him.

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Wol-seon’s eyes twinkle at the couple while Jeong-woo is left embarrassed. The next morning, Jeong-woo is to leave for work when his friend from school arrives with an apology to him. He tells Jeong-woo about how Ha-neul called him at night and told him to apologise to Jeong-woo. He accepts the apology after which he gets a call.

This is from the hospital, telling him that they won’t be publishing an article about his upcoming surgery as Ha-neul called them and showed her determination against it. Jeong-woo is filled with happiness after finding out about everything that Ha-neul has done for him and recalls her drunken words when she told him how she had seen him sad more often than happy.

Doctor Slump Episode 15
Doctor Slump Episode 15 still

Jeong-woo silently speaks of how Ha-neul’s presence in his life always kept him happy even during his worst times as he walks to work with her. He then gets into preparing for the surgery of the little girl which soon approaches. The surgery commences and it is during this time that Jeong-woo and Ha-neul experience another life-changing moment.

After the slump that changed their lives forever, it is during this surgery that the two have once again found their confidence, place and purpose once again. The surgery is a success and the two bid the girl goodbye. Later, Jeong-woo patches things up with his friends who had left him after the incident and introduces Ha-neul as his girlfriend.

This shocks the two but they soon get over it and begin recalling memories from school where Ha-neul was popular and confessed to many times, while Jeong-woo always badmouthed him. After the reunion, Ha-neul apologises to Jeong-woo for doing this without his consent but he thanks her for everything that she has done.

He then points out the information he has found about Ha-neul being famous. Ha-neul agrees to that and tells him about how she once dated someone for 5 hours simply because he offered her his jacket on a cold day. This stuns Jeong-woo who tells her that he can do better. On the other hand, Dae-young is trying to write a text to Hong-ran but ends up sending a message confessing his feelings to his daughter.

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Upon her return, she asks Dae-young if he likes someone and if it was the same person who gave him advice recently. He agrees and she tells him to dress up and confess his feelings with some flowers in hand. Dae-young thanks her and hurries to meet Hong-ran. However, he ends up tripping and kissing her directly as soon as he sees Hong-ran.

Doctor Slump Episode 15
Doctor Slump Episode 15 still

Doctor Slump Episode 15 Ending

Hong-ran is surprised but upon hearing his confession, she accepts his flowers and his proposal. Meanwhile, Ha-neul asks Jeong-woo if he plans on moving but he rejects the idea as her family has grown onto him. Ha-neul then asks him to join her family and he takes it as a proposal which makes him cut his finger.

Ha-neul rushes to get a bandage for him but sees the jewellery boxes in his drawer which confuses her. She then opens them and Jeong-woo confesses how he bought them for her after receiving all kinds of advice from different people, but couldn’t give it to her. Ha-neul laughs at this but picks the bandage to help him out first.

He then talks about her proposal just now and Ha-neul denies proposing to him. This makes Jeong-woo stunned as he takes out all the jewellery he brought for her to make things clear up. He puts on everything he bought for her, including a tiara, and finally slips in the ring and asks her to be his family, lover, friend, and wife, he wants her to be all of them.

Right then, Wol-seon calls Ha-neul but Jeong-woo stops her from answering, asking her to tell her mother that she is on a night shift, he finally takes their relationship one step further.

Doctor Slump Episode 15
Doctor Slump Episode 15 still

Doctor Slump Episode 15 Review

The finale week of this well-loved show has finally begun and we are not ready to say goodbye to these couples who have grown in so many ways. Be it the Jeong-Ha couple who have come out of their slumps together or the Hong-Dae couple who have so subtly stolen our hearts, they have healed us in ways that make us thank them for making our 2024 so beautiful already.

While the thrill has certainly died down in this episode, the excitement in the plot is yet to slow down as it makes sure to end things on a good note. This truly feels like a happy and sweet ending weekend and we love how well-planned the plot continues to be.

Altogether, the show is giving viewers a soft landing in its finale weekend and we are loving every bit of it.

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