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Fans think Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are moving to Kansas City amid property deal rumors

If rumors were to be believed, Rihanna, ASAP Rocky, and their two adorable children are planning to move to Kansas City, but realtors have a different tale to share.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are embracing parenthood with a new addition to their family – a baby son named Riot Rose. Talks about their future with regard to marriage and more kids have always intrigued fans, but most of them are now curious to know if the celebrity couple is planning to move to Kansas City for good.

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Fans think Rihanna and ASAP Rocky are moving to Kansas City

Several fans are under the impression that the Barbadian singer and baby daddy are planning to move their residence to Kansas City, and several reasons have contributed to the widespread rumor.

Rihanna was in Kansas City’s West Bottoms a couple of months ago when ASAP was filming the video of this new single Riot Rowdy Pipe’n with the support of local artists and musicians.

She also announced her second pregnancy during her halftime performance for the Super Bowl where the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious against the Philadelphia Eagles.

It’s true that ASAP and Rihanna spent a good chunk of time in Kansas City, but they did not imply purchasing or looking to buy any property in the region.

House owners and realtors respond to rumors

The rumors that the couple is planning to settle in Kansas City haven’t been officially addressed at the time of writing this story, but convincing reasons have been listed behind Rihanna and ASAP’s hypothetical purchase of their new home.

Some think the duo was mesmerized by the charm of the city during their brief stay that propelled them to invest in a property, others believe it’s a much cheaper investment in comparison to houses on the coast and it is also a halfway point between their homes in Los Angeles and New York City.

However, the house owners and realtors in Kansa City have denied showing properties to Rihanna and ASAP let alone selling them, according to The Kansas City Star.

The property owners are aware of similar rumors that claim the biggest of celebrities including Beyonce are thinking of purchasing a home in Kansas City even though there is no evidence to support the theory, but they would look forward to the offer.

Couple reveals their second son Riot Rose

Only time can tell us if Rihanna and her boyfriend are considering moving their residence but right now, they’ve got their hands full with parental duties.

ASAP and his girlfriend debuted their second son, Riot, in a family photoshoot featuring their firstborn, RZA, as well.

The singer raised eyebrows by dressing her newborn in a pink onesie which led to many wondering if Riot was a girl, but these aren’t aware of Rihanna’s advocacy of gender-fluidity. The name given to her second son clearly has nothing to do with his gender.

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