Fear The Walking Dead’s 7 Biggest Unanswered Questions After The Series Finale

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Fear The Walking Dead’s series finale.




  • Fear The Walking Dead’s series finale answered the big questions, but some character arc endings left much to be desired.
  • Proctor John’s fate and Qaletaqa Walker and Crazy Dog’s whereabouts after the dam explosion were never confirmed.
  • Luciana’s actions before rejoining the Clarks and whether Althea and Isabelle escaped the CRM remain unknown.

After eight years and eight seasons, Fear The Walking Dead has come to an end, but the series finale hasn’t answered every question about the show. Much like the parent show, Fear The Walking Dead‘s ending had to address numerous uncertainties going into its finale, and it managed to answer the big ones needed to close out the show’s main story. Big moments included Madison and Alicia’s long-awaited reunion, confirmation Tracy wasn’t Alicia’s daughter, Troy’s fate, and whether PADRE would last.

While PADRE becomes MADRE and every remaining character aside from Victor Strand, Alicia, and Tracy believe Madison died in her ultimate sacrifice to save the group from an overrun base, Fear The Walking Dead avoided the ending mistake four other TWD shows have made. By not using the finale as a backdoor into various spinoffs, Fear The Walking Dead was able to minimize loose ends even if some moments were odd, like Madison surviving what appeared to be certain death yet again. With that said, some character arc endings didn’t provide much closure.

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7 Did Proctor John Survive The Dam Explosion in Fear The Walking Dead Season 3?

Last Appearance: Season 3, Episode 16

Proctor John In Fear the Walking Dead

Proctor John was the leader of the Proctors and the main antagonist in the latter half of season 3. He took control of the Gonzalez Dam and threatened Madison, Nick, Alicia, and Strand’s lives after the latter sold out Daniel and Lola for a promise of safety. When the big fight started, he was escorted away by one of his men before the dam explosion. Given his role in separating the Clarks and their allies, it’s odd that Proctor John’s fate is never confirmed and that he and Nick don’t share final words after the detonator is pressed. Given the rate of the flood, he may have still died in the collapse or moved on elsewhere.

6 Did Qaletaqa Walker And Crazy Dog Ever Find Their Group After The Dam Explosion?

Last Appearance: Season 3, Episode 16

Walker And Crazy Dog In Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale

Also rounding out season 3, Walker and Crazy Dog certainly made it out of the dam explosion’s wake since they were safely on elevated land at a distance. However, their last exchange very vaguely confirmed their next course of action. Crazy Dog said, “North?” to which Walker replied, “North.” So, while this confirms they were heading north after the events of season 3, it doesn’t specify what the purpose is. It’s assumed to be to search for their group. Regardless of the reason, the show never confirms this or whether either of the two is alive at this point in the Walking Dead timeline.

5 What Happened To Luciana After She Left In Season 3?

Last Appearance Before Temporary Exit: Season 3, Episode 5

Luciana Galvez on Fear the Walking Dead.

Luciana tends to be on the sidelines numerously throughout Fear The Walking Dead with her arc often in service of other characters’ stories or the overarching plot. In season 3, this was exhibited in an unusual way. After being shot at the end of season 2 by one of Troy Otto’s soldiers, Luciana was in recovery for almost all her time in season 3. She is near death by the time Nick and the others make it to Broke Jaw Ranch. Madison justified staying there as the best bet for medical care for Luciana.

However, given the overt xenophobia Jeremiah Otto displayed, it’s unsurprising that Luciana felt unwelcome. Despite Nick’s best efforts to propose the Ranch as a viable home for them, Luciana favored leaving and joining up with some of her friends in Mexicali. In season 3, episode 5, she left a note for Nick in the middle of the night and was only seen again in season 4. It’s unlikely that Luciana met up with her friends as she intended because she didn’t address this upon her return. What it is Luciana did before rejoining the Clarks is anyone’s guess.

4 Did Althea & Isabelle Escape The CRM?

Last Appearance: Season 7, Episode 6

From her introduction in Fear The Walking Dead season 4, Althea was a member of Morgan’s group and helped protect others. After meeting Isabelle in season 5, Althea becomes the first Fear character to really learn anything about the Civic Republic Military, a secretive organization with influence over numerous communities. In season 6, after a few attempts at finding a connection to Isabelle, Althea contacted her to help rescue her group when a nuclear detonation took place.

She’s in contact with the CRM since Isabelle’s rogue mission to save Althea’s friends and divulging organization secrets marked her as a threat. Despite Althea’s acknowledgment that they would need to be on the run to evade the CRM, her and Isabelle’s arc ended with a reunion. Given the CRM’s ruthless protocols and advanced resources, like helicopters, weapons, and access to navigational tools, this mission was not easy. Whether the couple escaped successfully or not is unclear, suggesting Isabelle and Althea are the perfect characters to appear in Rick and Michonne’s spinoffThe Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live where the CRM will be the main threat.

3 What Happened To Fear The Walking Dead’s Missing Characters In Season 8?

Last Appearance: Season 7, Episode 15

With such a large Fear The Walking Dead cast of supporting characters, it’s not surprising that some get mediocre send-offs, if any at all. Wendell, Sarah, and Jacob exited the show without clarity about what awaited them. The three of them were last seen on the beach after The Tower’s fire. Showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss confirmed they imagined the trio would be part of Luciana’s group, ensuring roads are clear between Texas and the East Coast (via EW).

However, since the exit was so under-the-radar, it’s worth questioning where they went after the beach, if all three of them stuck together, or how they got to this imagined ideal the showrunners had. Since the whole group was leaving on rafts at the end of season 7, it’s questionable why Sarah, Wendell, and Jacob weren’t seen in season 8 since Luciana’s group had a number of on-screen moments. If it’s a matter of actor availability, they could have been mentioned at the very least.

2 Will The MADRE Kids Join Dwight And Sherry At The Sanctuary?

Last Appearance: Season 8, Episode 12

Sherry And Dwight In Fear The Walking Dead Series Finale

Once the PADRE kids were liberated after Morgan and Madison’s group took over, some kids’ parents were involved too. However, as Dwight pointed out in Fear The Walking Dead‘s series finale, not all the parents who were out looking for their kidnapped kids had been found. After seeing what happened to Negan’s Sanctuary, Dwight and Sherry agreed to turn the once-tainted location into a safe haven to settle the parents in. This will most likely require a major walker clear-up considering they let in a small herd to defeat the enemy group that took up residence since the Savior era.

What’s most unclear here is that Sherry confirmed with Hawk, one of the now-MADRE kids, that she and Dwight wanted to find their parents for them, but Hawk doesn’t go with them. His reaction suggested he was unaware of his family’s whereabouts but that he was at the very least curious if his parents were alive. Although it’s established that the split-off groups at the end of the finale wanted to stay in touch via radio, there’s no confirmation whether the remaining kids will meet up with Sherry and Dwight once they re-fortify the Sanctuary and bring in the kids’ lost parents.

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1 Will Morgan Jones Ever Find Rick Grimes Again?

Last Appearance: Season 8, Episode 6

Crossover characters from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead like Morgan provided an opportunity to exercise new leadership. Upon his exit, he confirmed a return to his roots with his mission to find Rick. Morgan himself told Mo, “It wouldn’t be the first time we found our way back to each other,” suggesting a hopeful likelihood that he’ll potentially make an appearance in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. Since Morgan’s quest is starting in Alexandria, however, and both Michonne and Rick have long been separate from the community, it’s hard to say how exactly he’ll make this cameo.

For the sake of closing out his arc and the symmetry of starting his story with Rick and ending it with him, Morgan’s Walking Dead future needs to include finding Rick. Additionally, Fear The Walking Dead making Morgan’s final scene about finding Rick furthers this and suggests Morgan could be an asset in the expected fight against the CRM. From anti-climactic exits to unclear futures, Fear The Walking Dead didn’t tie up all its characters’ stories. Luckily, some characters like Morgan and Althea have ties to Rick and Michonne’s upcoming spinoff, so there’s room to get some answers to some of the lingering questions.

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Source: EW

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