Gina Shirah’s claim on 5G linked to Zombies prompted users to turn their phones off

A post shared on X by a user named Gina Shirah sent shockwaves on social media after it claimed that the Emergency Alert test run by FEMA on Wednesday, October 4, would turn people into zombies. Thousands of people driven by the fear of the dead even turned their phones off.

The Emergy Alert went off as scheduled and despite the claims, people who had received the COVID-19 vaccination continued to remain humans after the signal hit radio, television, and cell phones. In no time, the baseless theories stemming from a viral social media post were refuted by trolls who marked themselves safe from the “Zombie Apocalypse”.

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Gina Shirah claimed 5G would turn people into zombies

Gina Shirah was the first to make claims about alleged 5G signals from the Emergency Alert resulting in zombification, reports the Independent.

The posts are still on display on the said account at the time of writing and the user hasn’t shared a follow-up after the test was conducted.

The first post shared on September 25 read: “Oct. 4th They’re going to use 5G from cell phone towers to cause dormant pathogens that were in the vaccines to become active in our bodies. Marburg is closely related to Ebola. The deletion of the ip36 gene( side effect of Pfizer Vaccine) will turn these people into zombies.” it has clocked over 700,000 views

The user then urged people to turn their phones off on October 4th in another post that’s gathered a whopping 9.5 million views.

It reads: “Turn off your cell phones on October 4th. The EBS is going to “test” the system using 5G. This will activate the Marburg virus in people who have been vaccinated. And sadly turn some of them into zombies.”

Users shut down zombie day rumors

Gina’s tweets have been flagged by Community Notes on X, which completely refutes the rumors. One community note that can be seen below her tweet reads: “There is no scientific basis whatsoever for the claim that a radio signal could activate a virus, and the COVID-19 vaccines do not contain pathogens.”

Another note clarifies: “While it is true that wireless alerts transmit over cellular networks, the claim that the test will transmit a virus or activate special code is false.”

Many people have used the opportunity to make funny remarks refuting the false claims.

“You have to factory reset your phone, turn it off, wrap it up in aluminum foil, and then MICROWAVE it for ten minutes, or this will still track and harm you even if you haven’t been vaxxed. Don’t be fooled!,” read one post.

Another user joked: “When we don’t turn into zombies today, when’s the next date going to be? I want to know whether it’s worth going Christmas shopping or not.”

What did the Emergency Alert on October 4 do?

Federal Law mandates the testing of National Emergency Alerts once in three years and it intends to “maintain and improve alert and warning capabilities” at different levels by evaluating the public alert system and warning capabilities.

As a part of the test, a message flashed on television, radios, and cell phones on Wednesday and noted that the public wasn’t required to take any action.

FEMA has also said that there are no known adverse health effects from the signal as opposed to what the conspiracy theorists claim.

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