Green Lantern Confirms DC’s Humans Share 1 Superpower That All Aliens Lack


  • Earthlings possess an incredible courage that sets them apart from other alien species, making them valuable Green Lantern recruits.
  • Hal Jordan and other Earth-based Lanterns have proved that humans excel at overcoming fear, making them ideal candidates for the Corps.
  • Earth’s high number of qualified ring-slingers is evidence of humanity’s overwhelming courage and strong willpower, ensuring a continuous supply of Green Lanterns.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Green Lantern #5!Humanity has always stood out in the DC Universe and now Green Lantern is revealing why. Though Hal Jordan’s most bitter nemesis has returned to endanger the world, the hero isn’t worried thanks to a power shared by the people of Earth. A power that may explain the large number of humans in the Green Lantern Corps ranks.

In Green Lantern #5 by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico, Sinestro has hijacked Ferris Air’s drones and is using them to bomb various cities around the planet. Green Lantern zips all around the globe taking them out until he realizes Sinestro is trying to instill fear among Earthlings to bring bring his Power Ring back to full capacity.

Green Lantern Calls Out Sinestro DC

Green Lantern interrupts a live news broadcast to speak directly to Earth’s population. Hal informs viewers of Sinestro’s plan and tells them it won’t work because out of all the types of alien life Green Lantern has seen, none possess the incredible courage humanity does.

Green Lantern Reveals Humanity’s Hidden Power is Courage

Green Lantern Humanity Courage DC

Green Lantern made a lot of waves when he was inducted into the Corps. The universal peacekeeping organization had never had an Earthling in its ranks, and at first, many thought Hal’s place in the Corps was a mistake. But Hal showed the Green Lanterns what Earthlings were capable of with his intense levels of willpower and lack of fear. He wasn’t the only one who gave Earthlings a good name, as other Earth-based Lanterns such as John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Jessica Cruz equally proved that when it came to overcoming fear, no one was better at it than Earthlings.

If anyone’s an authority on the numerous alien species of the DC Universe, it’s Green Lantern. He’s spent much of his adult life exploring the DC Universe and seeing the flaws and strengths of countless walks of life. But one doesn’t need to just take Hal’s word for it. Earth has had nearly ten humans recruited into the Corps. That might not sound like a lot at first, but considering the Corps only has room for around 7200 members, it’s quite hard to gain membership. There are entire worlds who haven’t even heard of the Green Lantern Corps, much less gained membership to it. The fact that Earth has so many qualified ring-slingers is just proof of humanity’s overwhelming courage.

Humans Make the Best Green Lanterns Because They Overcome Fear Easily

Green Lantern Warns against Sinestro DC

While the Earth is lousy with superhumans, not everyone on Earth is born or develops a power. But as a species, humanity has one of the strongest wills in the entire universe. No other alien life has had as many active Corps members at one time. Earthlings are a true rarity in the DCU and it’s all because of their impressive abilities to overcome great fear. Sure, not everyone is going to become a Green Lantern in their lifetime. But as long as humanity holds onto its courage, the Earth will be producing Green Lanterns for years to come.

Green Lantern #5 is on sale now from DC Comics.


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