“Hope You Survive”: Suicide Squad’s New Recruit Has the Perfect Powers


  • Catwoman’s new powers have earned her a spot on the deadly Suicide Squad.
  • Amanda Waller sees Selina’s disposable lives as an asset to further her own goals.
  • Catwoman’s limited extra lives may be at risk if she remains under Waller’s command.



The Suicide Squad has burned through a lot of characters, but its new member might have the perfect powers to survive the experience. DC Comics is giving fans a look at what lies ahead in its latest batch of solicitations, and the newest recruit for Amanda Waller’s crew might just be its best yet.

While the DC Universe gets back to normal after its game-changing “Beast World” crossover, the life of one DC character is experiencing a whole other kind of change. Solicitations for Catwoman #62 reveal that Selina Kyle is being drafted into the deadliest task force in the DCU, the Suicide Squad. The main cover shows Amanda Waller personally injecting a bomb in the base of Catwoman’s neck, who looks on glumly as she’s forcefully conscripted into the black ops team. The solicitation also reveals that Catwoman now has disposable lives and that Waller intends to take advantage of them to further her own goals.

Catwoman 62

  • Catwoman #62
  • Release Date: 2/20/24
  • Writer: Tini Howard
  • Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
  • Cover Artist: David Nakayama
  • Variant Cover Artists: Marcio Takara, Inhyuk Lee, Leirix, and Jorge Fornes
  • Synopsis: Catwoman has completed three of her “impossible” heists, but her nine lives are running out faster than she thought! Little does she know, someone with a particular use for disposable lives has been paying attention to her new mission — and that someone is none other than AMANDA WALLER! Welcome to the Suicide Squad, Selina Kyle—hope you survive the experience!

Catwoman’s New Powers Have Gained Her Membership to the Suicide Squad

Catwoman Falls into Lazarus Pit DC

Catwoman’s new powers are coming hot off of her latest mission to save Gotham City. During “Gotham War”, Selina tried to improve Gotham by retraining lower-level henchmen to become elite cat burglars like her. While this worked for a brief period, she was betrayed by her friend Marquis, who turned out to be Scandal Savage, the daughter of the immortal villain Vandal Savage. Savage had a mad plan to rekindle his fading immortality powers by bringing an asteroid to Gotham. His plan was successful and he ended up creating a Lazarus Pit in Gotham, a pit Catwoman accidentally fell into.

Amanda Waller has been ramping up her activities ever since she was given the green light to exterminate the DC Universe’s metahumans. She’s been accruing all kinds of assets lately, so it’s understandable that she’d want someone like Selina. Now that Catwoman’s dip in the newly-made Lazarus Pit has granted her numerous lives, Waller sees Selina as the perfect soldier. The Suicide Squad takes on all kinds of dangerous work and not everyone on the team survives every mission. But if Catwoman has a few to spare, then she’s the perfect fit for Waller’s outfit. No matter what danger Waller throws Catwoman’s way, Selina will be able to survive it.

Can Catwoman Escape Waller’s Suicide Squad?

Amanda Waller DC

If Catwoman’s got extra lives now, she won’t have to worry about much during her first couple of outings, even if she dies. But it sounds like Selina only has a few to spare and Amanda Waller has never shown qualms about using her assets until they have nothing left to give. Catwoman has a chance to do some good with her new lives, but it won’t matter if her activities under Waller’s command use them all up. Will Selina make it out or are all her lives going to become the latest casualties of the Suicide Squad?

Catwoman #62 will be available from DC Comics on February 20, 2024.


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