How To Become a Lawyer In BitLife

There are many professions you can pursue in BitLife, including a Lawyer, whose dedication to the law becomes a reflection of this hard career path.

Out of the many challenging careers in BitLife, not many are as difficult to become as a Lawyer, which demands a good amount of education before you get any job opportunities. Your character must have the right stats to study law, even from a young age. Those with a sense of justice will be tested to see just how dedicated they are to turn into a Lawyer who understands legislation better than anyone.

This path’s humanitarian nature means that you must follow a specific route throughout your education. You do not need a STEM degree in BitLife to eventually take on a position at a law firm, so don’t feel worried about pursuing a degree that would expand your background. Make sure to have high Smarts on a character you build to prepare for the massive training needed for the Lawyer career.

Reading books in your early years will help your character develop Smarts, which you will need at least a 70% score to have enough knowledge for later on.

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How To Be a Lawyer in BitLife

BitLife Becoming a Lawyer by Attending Law School After Application

The only way to be a Lawyer in BitLife is by getting a criminal justice or related major from university, graduating from law school, and working as a junior associate in a law firm. Tuition from college can be expensive while you study for a law-related degree unless you have a scholarship or two to lighten the financial load. This same problem may persist as you graduate and go to Law School, which is also costly.

There might be many challenges from Law School, which will quiz you with several questions relevant to a Lawyer’s job. Maintaining your university grades and specified education is important for earning certifications. Those with the highest Smarts from before shouldn’t have too many issues getting into Law School, but continuing in it can be another matter entirely in BitLife.

Look for full-time job listings as soon as you graduate from Law School for Junior Associate or Law Clerk postings. These entry-level careers may lead you into an Associate or Partner position with a Firm, which could transform into a Judge profession when you gain 30 years of experience. When you become a Lawyer in BitLife, it is only the beginning of a prosperous career that will last your character’s whole life.

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