How to Deal with a Heartbreak Review: Navigating the Emotional Maze Through Healing


How to Deal with a Heartbreak Review: How to Deal with a Heartbreak or Soltera Codiciada 2 is a new Spanish movie that released on September 22, 2023, on Netflix. Directed by Joanna Lombardi, the movie is a sequel to the 2018 movie How to Get Over a Breakup. The film is based on the blog and book of the same name by María José Osorio, who also wrote the screenplay and Enid “Pinky” Ramos produced it.

Gisela Ponce de León, Karina Jordán and Jely Reátegui return for the sequel accompanied by Christopher von Uckermann, Salvador del Solar, Norma Martínez, Jason Day, Andrés Salas, Carlos Carlín and Ana María Orozco. Fernando Cobián is the cinematographer and Sebastián Escofet gives the music. With a runtime of approximately 110 minutes, the movie is shot in Spanish and it is available with English dub and subtitles.

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-How to Deal with a Heartbreak Review Does Not Contain Spoilers-

As the title suggests, the movie deals with various aspects of life and mainly deals with a major heartbreak. However, it does not revolve around a romantic heartbreak as the title may suggest, but the loss of a loved and dear one. Coming to terms with the loss and accepting the reality, the movie takes us through a transformative journey of healing.

The movie revolves around the character Maria Fe, who is a writer and has no motivation or fresh ideas to write her new book. However, after a devastating incident, she is forced to face the reality of life and get back on her feet again. As everyone around her is moving ahead with their lives, she feels stuck in the same place and unable to move ahead with her life.

However, with the help of everyone around her, she slowly starts her healing process from within. More than remembering the sad moments, she is reminded of the good times. She uses those good memories to seek inspiration for her book and pour her feelings into it again. She finally accepts her true self along with all her shortcomings and starts to lead a life with a positive outlook.

Although the plot is nothing revolutionary, it is definitely relatable. Most of the plot is predictable without any twists and turns, however, it is still impactful. With a simple plot, the creators chose to tell a story that would connect with the audience. Moreover, a consistent development to both the plot and character could be seen which makes the film even more enjoyable.

How to Deal with a Heartbreak Review
Still from How to Deal with a Heartbreak

There are a few aspects of the movie which seemed pointless and did not serve much to the main plot. However, with the right pace and constant character growth, the drawback points can be overlooked. The added comedic elements keep the script light and easier to deal with heavier subjects like death, loneliness and stagnancy in life.

The lead actress, Gisela Ponce de León who plays the character Maria Fe does an incredible job at bringing the character to life. She had the perfect mix of emotions and portrayed her feelings with utmost grace and nuance. Moreover, the casual outfits and the adorable locations elevate the storytelling process and help the audience invest entirely in the plot.

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How to Deal with a Heartbreak Review: Final Thoughts

Although the plot lacks major surprises, its relatability and consistent character development resonate with the audience. The story ordinary yet impactful which makes the watch worthwhile. Despite some minor detours in the story, the film effectively blends light-hearted humour with heavier themes, and Gisela Ponce de León’s stellar performance as Maria Fe adds depth to the narrative, enhanced by visually appealing settings and costumes.

How to Deal with a Heartbreak still
Still from How to Deal with a Heartbreak

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