How To Unlock The Federal Admiral’s Cannon

The combat of The Last Faith relies greatly on Firearm weapons, such as The Federal Admiral’s Cannon, which you can unlock as you explore the vast map of this game. Like many other Metroidvania titles, you can obtain this tool by carefully exploring and returning to specific areas with new abilities. Only character builds focusing on a particular stat can wield this massive Cannon during their adventure.

Thankfully, no prerequisite powers or abilities are needed to find The Federal Admiral’s Cannon as you travel to different regions in The Last Faith. You won’t find this weapon as a collected item lying on the ground, like Quicksilver in Blasphemous, but rather as a treasure locked inside a chest. Several enemies you must defeat will guard the location where you will find this Firearm.

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How To Find The Federal Admiral’s Cannon In The Last Faith

The Last Faith Finding The Federal Admiral's Cannon Firearm Weapon from Hidden Chest

The Federal Admiral’s Cannon can be found in The Junas Ministry, in a room to the right after climbing up the area past the massive hallway. There are many enemies throughout this region, so make sure you’re prepared to take on or move past a significant number of foes. Make sure to cross through the Open Door past the room with the large stone coffins to reach a smaller space that hosts a chest and a glowing item.

Picking up the glowing orb in the room with The Federal Admiral’s Cannon gives you 2 Elaris’ Blessing Pastilles, an item that may help you in the future as you progress through the game.

Simply walk over to the chest and open it when given the button prompt to receive The Federal Admiral’s Cannon Firearm. Described as an “infamous relic of the technological age,” this ranged weapon boasts devastating power but requires high maintenance. In the same way seen in the Soulsborne series, this Firearm demands your character to have leveled up a certain stat before you can wield it in The Last Faith.

You need 21 Instinct to use the Cannon, which launches an explosive shot that consumes 6 Demioxide Bullets when you fire the weapon. With an E Weapon Scaling for Instinct, this combines with a 345 Physical Damage score, which has a higher chance to deal critical hits than other Firearms. When you unlock The Federal Admiral’s Cannon in The Last Faith, it takes some commitment to use it in fights.

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