Husky Identity Prediction & Clues


  • Husky’s performances on Elton John and Harry Potter Night showcased his impressive voice and strong stage presence.
  • Husky’s final performance of “Always” by Bon Jovi was epic.
  • Husky was revealed to be singer Ginuwine.



The Masked Singer season 10’s Husky was revealed to be R&B singer and songwriter Ginuwine after he was eliminated during the Group B finals on “I Wanna Rock” Night. The Masked Singer features host Nick Cannon and panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. During premiere night, Anonymouse was revealed to be Demi Lovato in a special unmasking.

The Masked Singer season 10 Group B round one performers included Husky, Hawk, Tiki, and Royal Hen. Husky, Hawk, and Tiki moved on to the next round, Harry Potter Night, while Royal Hen was unmasked and revealed to be Billie Jean King. During Harry Potter Night, Sea Queen was added to Group B, while Hawk was unmasked and revealed to be Tyler Posey. On the “I Wanna Rock” Night double elimination, Tiki and Husky’s true identities of Sebastian Bach and Ginuwine were uncovered, while Sea Queen moved on to the season finale. Here are the clues that proved that Husky was Ginuwine.

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Husky’s Premiere Night Clue

On The Masked Singer season 10 premiere night, a clue about Husky was revealed. He said, “Don’t go barking up the wrong tree. Listen, here’s 10 million hints at who I am. Can you figure it out?” Husky then revealed a 10 million dollar bill with his face on it.

Husky’s Elton John Night Performance & Clues

On The Masked Singer season 10 Elton John Night, Husky sang an impressive version of “Bennie and the Jets,” partially in falsetto, which showcased his vocal range. Husky’s clue package was set in a snowy environment. As he walked through the snow-covered trees, Husky said, “The husky is one of the world’s most majestic creatures. They’re known to have battled all sorts of landscapes and elements. But they’re actually also extremely energetic, aware, and loving, just like me.” Husky then clapped as a snowball with a crying emoji face rolled toward him.

Husky continued, “When I first hit the scene, I had a strange effect on the female species. Any time I got on the stage, they showered me with love, and, sometimes, their underthings.” Husky then flashed back to dancing on a stage with flashing lights. Several dogs barked and howled at him, and threw their dog collars onto the stage.

Husky went on to say, “Despite the positive attention, I was totally loyal. A family dog.” He then looked at a carousel, and dismissed it with his hand. He added, “More interested in my own brood than the trappings of fame.” Husky was then shown dancing with The Masked Singer season 6 Mother Nature costume, which was worn by actress Vivica A. Fox.

As Husky blew kisses and danced, he concluded by saying, “While I’ve gotten on in dog years, I’m ready to bring my boundless energy, talent, and doggone dopeness to The Masked Singer stage. I just ask that those in the audience please keep your clothes on.” A large dark chocolate bar was then seen half-buried in the snow. Husky’s clue package ended with him howling up at the night sky.

After Husky’s performance, another clue was revealed about him. One of the Men in Black was wheeled out riding on a children’s rocking rocket ride. Husky explained, “Well, I skyrocketed up the charts, and landed on this platinum album.”


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Husky’s Harry Potter Night Performance & Clues

On Harry Potter Night, Husky sang a rousing renditon of “Super Freak” by Rick James, singing and dancing. Husky began his clue package by saying, “I showed everyone last week, this dog can still hunt. But, just like Harry Potter, growing up, I was also an underestimated wizard.” A scene with a glowing blue puppy, reminiscent of a Patronus from Harry Potter, was shown, with other puppies barking at him. Husky explained, “As a young pup, I was picked on a lot. Other kids always giving me a hard time and calling me ‘skinny.'”

Husky continued his story, saying, “So I retreated. Started working out on my magical arts, and evolved from a skinny boy to a husky man.” Husky then made a globe disappear. He went on to say, “Soon all those old naysayers, they saw my rise to the top dog.” The camera then zoomed in on a red rose.

Husky then faced himself as a puppy. He shared, “But – confession. Despite all the love, and inspiring some love-making, to this day I still don’t feel like I’ve made it.” Husky knelt in front of the puppy. He admitted, “In my head, I’m just that little puppy with a dream trying to make something out of himself.”

The puppy then magically transformed into three playing cards of the King of Hearts. Husky concluded with, “And now I’m here to prove that I believe in me enough to do anything like winning The Masked Singer.” He then looked up at the night sky and raised his fist toward a constellation of The Golden Mask trophy.

After Husky’s Harry Potter Night performance, the Sorting Hat sorted him into Hufflepuff. The Sorting Hat said, “Just and loyal, true. Yes, clearly, Hufflepuff!” Husky explained, “Ah, man. I actually had a feeling I’d be the Hufflepuff because of my connection to Mr. Puff himself, P. Diddy.”


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Husky’s “I Wanna Rock” Night (Group B Finals) Performance & Clues

The Masked Singer Season 10 Husky

On “I Wanna Rock” Night, Husky sang a powerful version of “Always” by Bon Jovi. He began his clue package by saying, “I’m so thankful to still be here rockin’ with you in the Group B finals. This has been a wild ride so far, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” Husky then sat down in a cave of ice, with a clock that read one o’clock. There was a red heart on the one.

Husky was asked for a defining moment in his life. He replied, “Well, the loss of my biggest fans – my parents. When they both passed away within a year of each other, I completely lost my way.” Husky then took an orange band with a basketball printed on it and stretched it.

Husky explained, “I did anything I could to numb the pain. My heart was twisted, but I had to figure out a way to live without them. I didn’t want my children to hurt the way that I was hurting, so I made a change.” After Husky tossed aside the orange band, the alarm on the clock began to beep. Ken interpreted the clue to mean, “The one that I love,” and said that it could be a clue to one of his love songs.

Husky continued, “I’ve always looked at myself as a strong man, but learning to cope in a healthier way took all the grace I had.” He concluded his clue package by saying, “Now, I’ve never been more confident in the Husky I am today. And I know that tenacity will take me into the finale.”

After Husky’s performance, another clue was brought out. One of the Men in Black revealed a tattoo on his chest that said, “Wild,” with flames behind it. Husky explained, “Well, Nick, this one’s for you. Sharing the stage with you again is wild.” The panelists immediately interpreted the clue as a reference to Nick’s show, Wild ‘N Out.

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Husky’s Identity Predictions From The Masked Singer Panelists

The Masked Singer Season 10 Panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger, posing for the camera

The Masked Singer panelists had many guesses for who Husky might be. Jenny noticed the crying emoji, saying that babies cry a lot, and, combined with a platinum album, Husky could be Babyface. However, Robin told her that she was barking up the wrong tree. He didn’t think that Husky had Babyface’s voice. He used the Vivica A. Fox and crying emoji clues to guess Terrence Howard, because he said that he’s known for crying in his movies and can sing. Ken chose another of Vivica’s co-stars, Morris Chestnut, pointing out that he’s a heartthrob.

After Husky’s Harry Potter Night performance, Jenny commented that his voice sounded very familiar, while Robin pointed out that he has the moves. Nicole said that P. Diddy has collaborated with many R&B stars, including Tank and Ginuwine. Robin told her that Ginuwine is his favorite guess yet. He explained that the dance move he did is a Ginuwine move, and it would make a lot of sense. Jenny thought Husky might be Brian McKnight, but Robin disagreed.

On “I Wanna Rock” Night, The Masked Singer panelists’ final guesses for Husky’s identity were Ginuwine (Nicole and Robin), Brian McKnight (Jenny), and Lil’ Romeo AKA Romeo Miller (Ken).

Husky’s Identity Is Revealed

Ginuwine Smiling

Husky was unmasked and revealed to be R&B singer and songwriter Ginuwine. He appeared in the movies, Juwanna Man and Chocolate City, alongside Vivica A. Fox. The latter film also might explain the chocolate bar. The rose could refer to his album, Ginuwine…The Bachelor. He’s sold about 10 million albums in the United States, and three of them have gone platinum. This matches his premiere night clue.

As Nicole said, Ginuwine has collaborated with P. Diddy. The three King of Hearts playing cards refers to the album, Three Kings, which came from his R&B group, TGT, which he formed with Tyrese and Tank. Ginuwine’s debut single from his first album was titled, “Pony,” which explains the carousel.

Ginuwine has appeared on Wild ‘N Out with Nick, which clarifies his connection to Nick that was revealed on “I Wanna Rock” Night. Ginuwine has nine children, which explains why he said that he’s a “family dog.” Tragically, in 2000, Ginuwine lost both of his parents within a year of each other. Ginuwine’s mother was a huge basketball fan, and her favorite player was Elgin Baylor. She named Ginuwine, whose given name is Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, after him. This explains the basketball clue.

As The Masked Singer season 10’s Husky, Ginuwine had a commanding presence and a beautiful voice. He showed his incredible vocal range by singing songs from all different genres. His singing and dancing brought so much joy to the Masked Singer stage. As Husky, Ginuwine was paws-itively fantastic, and he will be remembered for his genuine performances.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.


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