Is Maddy Glab Leaving Buffalo Bills? Who is Maddy Glab? What Did Maddy Glab Say?

Is Maddy Glab Leaving Buffalo Bills?

Maddy Glab’s future with the Buffalo Bills remains uncertain following a recent controversy involving her remarks about star receiver Stefon Diggs. Glab, a well-known team reporter, found herself in hot water after her comments were caught on a hot microphone. While there’s been no official announcement regarding her departure from the Bills, the incident has sparked discussions about her role with the team.

Who is Maddy Glab?

Maddy Glab is a seasoned sports reporter renowned for her dedicated coverage of the Buffalo Bills in the National Football League (NFL). Her career in sports journalism blossomed during her tenure at the University of Tennessee, where she excelled as a sideline reporter, providing insightful commentary and analysis for a wide range of college sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

In 2019, she transitioned into the role of team reporter for the Buffalo Bills, a position that solidified her presence as a respected figure in the realm of NFL reporting. Maddy Glab’s passion for sports and her ability to connect with both athletes and fans have contributed to her growing influence in the field of sports journalism.

Full Name

Maddy Glab


31 years old


5 feet

Marital Status

Married to Steve Crawford


University of Missouri, Journalism Program

Career Highlights

– Team Reporter for Buffalo Bills (since 2019)

– Former Sideline Reporter for College Sports

– Active on Social Media, including Twitter

– Passionate about Football and Sports


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What Did Maddy Glab Say?

Maddy Glab found herself at the center of controversy when a hot microphone inadvertently captured her making remarks about Stefon Diggs. In the audio recording, she implied that Diggs possessed a significant degree of independence and autonomy that might pose challenges for those trying to manage him. These comments sparked considerable public attention and discussion.

In response to the ensuing controversy, Glab took the initiative to issue a public apology to Stefon Diggs, emphasizing that her intent was not to show disrespect and express her deep respect for the NFL star. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of candid comments made in a public-facing role and the importance of clarifying intentions when misunderstandings arise.

Maddy Glab Age

Maddy Glab’s age is 31 years old. Her age is relevant in understanding her career trajectory and the experience she brings to her role as a sports reporter. With a background that includes serving as a sideline reporter for college sports and her current position as a team reporter for the Buffalo Bills, her age suggests that she has accumulated valuable experience in the field of sports journalism. It’s a testament to her dedication and passion for her work, and her age serves as a reminder that success in the industry often comes with years of dedication and hard work.

Maddy Glab Fired

As of the present moment, there is no concrete confirmation regarding Maddy Glab’s termination from her position as a team reporter for the Buffalo Bills. While her future with the team remains uncertain, no official statement has been issued concerning her employment status. The situation surrounding Maddy Glab has undoubtedly sparked discussions and speculation, but it’s important to note that any decisions regarding her role have not been publicly disclosed.

Maddy Glab Audio

Maddy Glab’s comments, which stirred controversy, were inadvertently captured in an audio recording from a hot microphone. This audio clip rapidly gained viral attention, triggering widespread discussions and debates. People have been dissecting the content of her remarks and evaluating how they might impact her standing and credibility as a reporter. The incident has raised questions about the responsibility and accountability of individuals in media roles, particularly in the context of hot mic moments that can inadvertently expose candid and unfiltered comments.

Maddy Glab Height

Maddy Glab’s physical stature is reported to be 5 feet tall. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that her height is entirely unrelated to the recent controversy that has garnered attention. The focus on her height is a reminder that individuals in the public eye, such as sports reporters, often face scrutiny not only for their professional actions but also for personal aspects like appearance. 

Maddy Glab Husband

Maddy Glab is happily married to Steve Crawford, and their relationship has been openly documented on social media platforms. Their public portrayal of a loving and connected partnership has resonated with many followers and fans. While Maddy’s professional life has recently been marred by controversy, her personal life, as depicted through her relationship with Steve, provides a glimpse into her life beyond the headlines.

This insight into her personal happiness serves as a reminder that public figures, like Maddy, have multifaceted lives that extend beyond their professional endeavors. Despite the challenges she may face in her career, her loving relationship with her husband remains a positive aspect of her life that she chooses to share with her audience.

Maddy Glab Salary

The exact details of Maddy Glab’s salary are not publicly available, as is often the case with individuals in the field of sports reporting and journalism. Salaries of media professionals, including reporters and broadcasters, are typically considered private matters and are not openly disclosed to the public. This practice helps protect the personal financial privacy of individuals and allows them to negotiate their compensation privately with their employers. 

Maddy Glab Career

Maddy Glab’s career has been characterized by her remarkable journey in the field of sports journalism. She initially honed her reporting skills at the University of Tennessee, where she served as a sideline reporter for various college sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Her passion for sports reporting then led her to the NFL, where she assumed the role of team reporter for the Buffalo Bills in 2019.

In this position, Maddy Glab has become a prominent figure in NFL reporting, providing in-depth coverage of the team and contributing to the broader sports media landscape. Her career showcases her dedication to delivering compelling sports narratives and insights to fans and audiences alike.

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