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Joe Biden’s chin and ‘different’ eye color spark body double conspiracy theory

Joe Biden’s recent interview about the heartwrenching situation in Israel appears to be hijacked by a strange conspiracy theory stemming from an apparent bump on his chin and also the color of his eye, which many think is different from usual.

Joe Biden called for urgent humanitarian aid to the victims of the Israel-Hamas war when he was flying back to the United States. During his speech, the public noticed something strange about his appearance, which is debated by others and previously debunked too.

President Biden Delivers Remarks From The Oval Office On Administration's Response To Foreign Conflicts
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Joe Biden’s chin sparks conspiracy theory

The POTUS was on Air Force One, heading back to the US, when he was asked about the unrest in Israel. He was surrounded by security and officials in the frame.

However, everybody’s attention was on the President‘s chin which appears to have a bump, according to social media users. A few others said the shadow cast under his chin looked as if the President was wearing a mask, which was peeling off.

The wilder conspiracy theory that has sparked from Biden’s overall appearance suggests that the POTUS was using a body double.

X, formerly Twitter, is filled with closeup shots of the President’s face, showing people’s apprehension driven by the unpopular opinion that he has been replaced by another human who looks eerily similar.

President’s eye color could be different for logical reasons

This isn’t the first time people have noticed a difference in Biden’s eye color and its changes could be ascribed to practical reasons.

The President’s natural eye color is blue, which you can see in all his pictures captured in the daylight or outdoors. However, in the latest interview, they appear almost jet black and we needn’t tell you what superstitious people associate dark colors with.

Although it is true that his eyes appear black in the interview, it could be caused due to a number of external factors, such as his position and how much light he was exposed to. It could be a mere camera illusion, which isn’t uncommon.

The interview was reportedly filmed aboard an Air Force One, whose insides are brightened by artificial lighting. That could also be the reason behind the change in the President’s eye color.

But, that isn’t enough of a reason to believe the conspiracy theory about a body double taking the President’s place.

People think POTUS is wearing a ‘mask’

There’s no proof that Biden has been replaced by a body double and such conspiracy theories are best treated as nothing but baseless hoaxes, unless they can be proven otherwise.

But, many on social media can’t stop talking about the President looking different in the latest interview. Here’s how a few of them reacted on X…

One said: “What’s wrong with Biden’s chin? It’s not Joe Biden. it’s a clone?”

“Want to know what’s going on with. @POTUS Joe Biden’s chin,” said another.

A third one wrote: “Joe Biden needs a new mask. This one has a double chin. We are watching a movie and being played.”

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