Lies of P: How to Beat The King’s Flame, Fuoco (Boss Fight)


A mobile furnace called the King’s Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P spreads devastating fire attacks against Pinocchio in the third major boss fight of the game that you must find a way to beat. A dangerous opponent with slow but highly damaging physical attacks, it can be hard to parry and dodge this boss. Thankfully, a hidden weakness can make this battle far easier when you collect items that inflict a specific type of damage.



This boss is weak to electric damage, which can be applied with attacks from the Electric Coil Stick weapon and Fulminis Legion Arm. Items such as Throwing Cells, Electric Blitz Canisters, and Electric Blitz Abrasives can also deal this damage type to the flaming automaton, giving you a massive advantage during the fight. You can Fast travel in Lies of P to vendors and upgrade stations in Hotel Krat to purchase a few of these tools beforehand.

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How To Defeat King’s Flame, Fuoco in Lies of P

Lies of P The King's Flame, Fuoco Boss from Fight where Lightning Attacks can be Used to Beat the Enemy

While taking advantage of the King’s Flame, Fuoco’s electric vulnerability, block or dodge the hammer attacks in the first phase, then stay far away to carefully avoid ranged fire projectiles in the second phase. This boss has melee strikes that are notoriously hard to Perfect Guard in Lies of P, making speed your greatest weapon. Toss the electric items at the boss from afar to get a head start and deal significant damage immediately.

Gear like the Workshop Union Standard Radiation Converter will also help increase your Heat resistance against this boss if you can find the enemy that carries the item close to the Stargazer outside Fuoco’s boss room.

The second phase will begin when Fuoco reaches 50% health, as the boss spews fire almost across the entire arena that will inflict the Overheat condition if you get hit. This causes your health to deteriorate over time, so make sure to have one or two Attribute Purification Ampoules at hand to cure this quickly. Like the Parade Master fight in Lies of P, healing or recovery must be done carefully.

Continue to pressure the boss while avoiding its physical strikes and blocking the fire projectiles it shoots throughout the second phase. The electrified weapon and Legion Arm mentioned earlier will make short work of the walking boiler room if you take your time and anticipate attack patterns. The King’s Flame Fuoco may be an unorthodox boss to beat, but it is far from impossible when you learn its tricks and take you one step closer to Lies of P‘s final boss.

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