Lies of P Update Patch Notes

Lies of P Update Patch Notes

Balance Changes

Field Monster Balance Changes

– Decreased the HP of certain field monsters

– Increased the chance of breaking some monsters’ stance and the frequency of stagger

– Increased the staggerable window time

Decrease the HP of all 3 types of Dimensional Butterflies

Adjusted the rewards for some monsters

– Increased the drop rate of Moonstone type items

– Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments

– Increased the drop rate of Ergo items

– Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after Lorenzini Arcade”

Boss Monster Balance Changes

– Decreased the HP of ‘Fallen Archbishop Andreus’

– Decreased the HP of ‘King of Puppets’ in the first phase

– Decreased the HP of ‘Simon Manus, Arm of God’

– Decreased the damage of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God’

– Increased the chance to break the stance of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God'”

Increased the Specter’s HP and damage

System Changes Related to the Character Progression Reset

– Added the feature to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms at the ‘Gold Coin Tree’

– Characters created after this patch will now receive 8 Gold Coin Fruits instead of 5 for their first harvest

– Adjusted the required amount of gold coins to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms

Additional Changes

– Players will now be able to carry more weight for each point spent on Capacity

– Decreased the weight of Amulets that could be purchased with Boss Ergo

– Players will now be able to land attacks better when they use fable arts that consume three or more slots. (includes Fable Arts that stack)

– Successfully performing the Fable Art ‘Guard Parry’ will now break the monster’s stance

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug with the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium II – Acid Charge’ rarely not working properly.

– Fixed a bug that the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium’ consumed only Legion guage while using Grindstones

– Fixed a bug that Geppetto’s face to flicker in the cutscene after defeating the ‘Nameless Puppet’ with Graphic Quality Presets – Low

– Fixed a typo of Carlo Collodi in the End Credits. (We sincerely apologize to Mr. Collodi and that was not a lie!)

For the complete patch notes, please visit the official Lies of P Update Patch Notes on the Steam Community page for detailed information and changes.

Lies of P

“Lies of P” is an exciting video game created by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio. It’s a type of game where you get to play a character and go on adventures. You can play it on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game came out on September 19, 2023, and there’s a fancier version called the Deluxe Edition that was released on September 15, 2023. It’s based on a famous old Italian story called “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” which makes it even more interesting.

People who have played “Lies of P” have said good things about it, so it seems like a fun game to try if you enjoy action and role-playing games. It’s a bit like going on an adventure in a video game world, and you can explore and have all sorts of exciting experiences. So, if you like games like that, “Lies of P” might be just the game for you.

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Lies of P Gameplay

In “Lies of P,” you play as Pinocchio and see the game from behind him, like watching a movie. You’ll walk around the city of Krat, where you’ll meet strange mechanical enemies. To fight them, Pinocchio uses different weapons like swords and axes and can also move quickly to avoid getting hurt. He has a special mechanical arm that can be changed with tools like a hook or a flamethrower to help in battles.

The game has many different kinds of weapons and ways to make them, giving you lots of options to choose from. The choices you make during the game can change the story and lead to different endings. Some people say the game is like other hard games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, which means it can be a bit challenging but also exciting and fun if you like those kinds of games.

Lies of P Plot

“Lies of P” is a thrilling adventure game inspired by the classic tale of Pinocchio. In this game, you become Pinocchio, a special robot puppet with the ability to tell lies, which turns out to be quite important. The story unfolds in the city of Krat, where puppets were created to help with work using a unique power source called Ergo. But something goes terribly wrong, leading to a puppet rebellion that causes chaos in the city. Adding to the city’s troubles is a mysterious disease that transforms people into monsters, with no known cure in sight.

As you step into Pinocchio’s wooden shoes, you wake up in Krat and meet Sophia, a woman who reveals that you must find your creator, Geppetto. He might hold the key to stopping the puppet rebellion. Sophia equips you with a lantern housing a cricket named Gemini to assist you on your quest.

Throughout your journey, you’ll face challenges like battling puppet rebels and the enigmatic Black Rabbit Brotherhood, who hunt puppets mercilessly. Along the way, you’ll also encounter mutated individuals affected by the disease. Your ultimate goal is to confront the Puppet King, the puppet rebellion’s mastermind, and put an end to the chaos. But as you progress, you’ll uncover even deeper mysteries and make choices that shape the game’s multiple endings, making your adventure in “Lies of P” a truly captivating and immersive experience.

Lies of P Trailer

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