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Love is Blind Season 5 Review (Episodes 1-4): Love Might be Blind But Life Sure Isn’t


Love is Blind Season 5 Review (Episodes 1-4): Created by Chris Coelen and hosted by Vanessa Lachey & Nick Lachey, the newest season of the reality TV show is expected to have 10 episodes with episodes 5-7 releasing on September 29, episodes 8-9 releasing on October 6 and the finale will release October 13.

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Love is Blind Season 5 Plot

The fifth season of the hit reality TV series is back with more hopeful singles who want only one thing – love. However, finding love in a non-traditional way will prove to be tough for all of them as they have to bare their all and come clean in front of potential partners without seeing them. Will they be able to find someone who speaks to their souls and get married by the end of the experiment?

– Love is Blind Season 5 Review Does Not Contain Spoilers –

Love is Blind Season 5 Review (Episodes 1-4)

love is blind season 5

Every season of Love is Blind just leaves me more and more astonished thinking about how far people will go for love (or fame). It’s clearly been proved more than once how messy this series can be, and yet hopeful singles with dreams in their eyes rush here to find out whether or not the unknown person on the other side of the window is their soulmate, so much so that they can marry them within a month of meeting them. I think I have resigned myself to the fact that this is how our lives on Netflix are going to be – being bombarded by mediocrity every few months.

This season sees multiple people falling for each other far too early and making decisions far too airtight for anyone’s liking. In the first episode itself, women are just crying over men they started talking to a day ago and never really met. People have superficial discussions and constantly talk about “falling in love” and “being soulmates”. And again – they just met. That being said, we have seen these in every season. People always make decisions too early, and we know the mess that was made in the last season.

Anyway, the entire ordeal of Love is Blind Season 5 is everyone is just so dramatic about everything. It’s okay for people not to like you back; people should at least have a grasp of that at 30 years old, you know. People are constantly crying for absolutely no reason, and everything is just so dramatic and over-the-top. Even the smallest issue is taken too far with crying, screaming and running into friends’ arms. I mean, I get it; tempers and emotions are high. But we can still be adults here, isn’t it?

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love is blind season 5

The crying will constantly make you second-guess yourself about your understanding of relationships and people’s reactions. At some point, I was wondering whether my sanity meter was off, considering the amount of drama that was happening on-screen that I thought wasn’t that big a deal. There are extended periods wherein people keep on talking about one small thing over and over again, and it gets very tiring after a point. These long moments of discussions are also not very deep, and neither are they interesting in any way, so you don’t have anything to really relate to.

The contestants this time around are so messy and problematic. There’s an odd twist at the end of episode 4 that is just taken too far, and everyone just seems to be rushing to land a partner so as not to end up alone, as if that’s the worst thing that can happen to anyone. The desperation is evident this time around as contestants don’t even try to hide it. Put the mind-numbingly boring conversations and the crying on top of that and you will be left with 4+ hours of insanity that you keep on watch happening – it’s like a car crash that you want to look away from but you just can’t.

Love is Blind Season 5 Review: Final Thoughts

love is blind season 5

Just like every season, I find myself utterly out of words regarding the childish behaviour of the contestants who showcase themselves to be adults. The drama and over-the-top behaviour get boring after a point, and the constant crying for anything and everything under the sun feels unnecessary and gets on your nerves. You might just find yourself skipping past most of the conversations that span too long and don’t bring enough interest to the table.

All in all, a depressingly bad show that just keeps on giving.

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