Maestro Trailer: Bradley Cooper Takes the Lead as American Composer Leonard Bernstein in this Fearless Tale of Love

The Netflix Maestro trailer, released on October 25, 2023, depicts Bradley Cooper’s soulful transformation into the cultural icon, American composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein, as he also comes in to direct this fearless love story that pens the lifelong relationship between Bernstein and his wife (and actor) Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein. With Carey Mulligan playing the latter, the biographical drama film has been produced by Cooper alongside Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Fred Berner, Amy Durning and Kristie Macosko Krieger.

Originally premiering at the 80th Venice International Film Festival in September 2023, the film is also receiving its limited theatrical release in November, and will ultimately hit our small screens on Netflix on December 20, 2023, just days before Christmas. The trailer of Maestro on Netflix lends us a sneak peek into the upcoming biopic’s beautiful visuals along with its heartwarming plot that shapes the movie as a love letter to life itself. It artfully draws upon Bernstein’s emotional life led by love. Although he’s also positioned as the first great American conductor that he was, Cooper’s camera particularly pans out to capture the artist’s life defined by family and love.

Maestro Trailer - Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan
Bradley Cooper and Carey Mulligan. (Netflix)

Scholars have often debated about whether Bernstein was a gay or bisexual man, and a similar vision seems to be put in question as the Netflix trailer drives our attention towards his relationship and marriage with Felicia Montealegre, and her eventual response to his intimacy with men too. On top of that, all of it is breathed into cinematic life through a profound focus on music and how it “glued” the composer to a centre in his lifetime.

The trailer itself heavily and proudly boasts of the actors’ performances in this film, with Bradley especially defining his portrayal of Bernstein with a personal touch while also spelling out his artistic persona’s victory.

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The supposed authentic portrayal of Bernstein and his life in this movie is also supported by other cast members Matt Bomer, Maya Hawke, Sarah Silverman, Michael Urie, Gideon Glick and others. Featuring music by the original artist himself, Maestro‘s cinematography has been done by Matthew Libatique.

Watch the Maestro Trailer

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The Maestro movie will be available for streaming this December.

Did you check out the trailer of the star-studded masterpiece yet? Let us know your thoughts on the movie so far in the comments section below.

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