Mary’s Cryptic Message Spells More Trouble For Tumultuous Brandan Relationship


  • Mary and Brandan’s relationship has become toxic, with Mary exhibiting controlling behaviors and insecurity.
  • Mary’s recent cryptic Instagram posts suggest that she is feeling uncertain and unhappy in her relationship.
  • Financial struggles, disagreements over parenting, and Brandan’s video game obsession are causing ongoing problems in their relationship.



90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Mary Demasu-ay has further fueled rumors of her split with Brandan DeNuccio after sharing a strange message with fans. Mary and Brandan, both 23, star in season 5 of the reality TV show. Mary found her dream American man in Brandan on a dating app. She swiped him right because he resembled Justin Bieber and Harry Potter. Brandan’s ex had cheated on him, and Mary came to him as an angel in disguise. Except that Mary began controlling Brandan because of her insecurities. She ensured Brandan was on a video call with her 24/7 and fought with him even if he looked at a female.

Mary and Brandan’s relationship has seemingly become more toxic since they married. Mary recently shared a cryptic story on her Instagram. It wasn’t the first time she had talked to her fans in riddles, but Mary’s update seemed concerning enough. The Filipina beauty shared two story slides. The first one said, “Maybe it’s not the right time For me…” Mary added that she knows things will “get better someday.” She further wrote, “Just trust the process.” Mary then added something extremely worrying. “I know God preparing something for me…” Mary continued.

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Mary & Brandan’s 90 Day Fiancé Relationship Explained

Mary In 90 Day Fiance looking at phone serious expression

In her next story, Mary decided to create panic among her Instagram followers by writing, “I know I can. But I can’t. Life is hard.” Mary and Brandan’s wedding ceremony kicked off in the recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way. The couple tried their best to forget about their fights while they were getting married in the Philippines. Most of Brandan and Mary’s arguments were over money and how poorly they manage it. Brandan was the one who started picking fights with Mary once they found out Mary was pregnant. Brandan started second-guessing his decision to move to Candoni.

What made matters worse was that Brandan barely had any money left in his bank after he spent $60,000 on building his house with Mary. Meanwhile, college drop-out Mary, who used to work as a model, stopped modeling because Brandan was against it. Once he realized that they were not ready to become parents, Brandan became irritable. He started sleeping more and playing games on his phone all the time. Mary took a big loan to open a store but Brandan wasn’t helping her run it. They also lacked basic business acumen and couldn’t make any profits. Mary almost backed out from marrying Brandan because of his video game obsession.

It’s not as if Brandan stopped playing games after they welcomed their baby. Mary recently went live on Instagram as she fought with Brandan about him buying a game and not buying a new phone for her instead. Mary even posted some more cryptic stories about how both of them deserve to be with better people. Brandan and Mary still haven’t been able to resolve their relationship problems. 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way viewers are worried about how Brandan and Mary will be able to raise the baby with their level of immaturity.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: Mary Demasu-ay/Instagram, Mary Demasu-ay/Instagram

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