My Hero Academia Studio Tackles Magical Girls in Exciting New Anime


  • Studio Bones, known for My Hero Academia, will be creating a new anime called Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used to be Enemies.
  • The project was started 8 years ago but was put on hold after the mangaka, Cocoa Fujiwara, passed away.
  • The creative team has been announced, and an English trailer has been uploaded to YouTube, generating excitement for the upcoming series.



The studio behind My Hero Academia, Bones, will be creating another anime, which will be focused on a magical girl. Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used to be Enemies has officially been announced. The project was begun eight years ago, but has been on hold since the mangaka who created it passed away.

Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used to be Enemies was created by Cocoa Fujiwara and serialized from 2013 to 2015. According to posts on X, Fujiwara personally introduced Bones’ president to the manga.

A release date has not been provided, but a teaser of the series was shown at AnimeNYC. While the manga that inspired it was published in Japanese tankōbon volumes, it has not been licensed and translated for North American readers.

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The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to Be Archenemies Showcased in Teaser Trailer

The creative team for the project has been announced, and it includes director Akiyo Ohashi, script writer Yuniko Ayana, and character designer Haruko Iizuka, with music by Mayuko. The original manga was published by Gangan Comics Joker, which is an imprint of Square Enix. It spanned three volumes, the final of which was published posthumously in 2016, a year after Fujiwara’s passing. It’s exciting to have confirmation that the series will still be coming and that it is already in development, since the creator was so excited about the potential for the project. Bones will be partnering with Avex Pictures, an anime producer.

An English trailer was uploaded to YouTube by Avex Pictures, broadening the project’s reach globally. The teaser shows the two main characters, Mira and the evil lieutenant, while a beautiful score plays. It highlights the creative team, showcases a bit of artwork of the characters, and includes a broad assortment of quotes that are sure to pique viewers’ interest. So far, a voice cast has not been shared, but Avex Pictures and Bones both have experience with major anime projects in the past. This upcoming romantic fantasy series is sure to have shōnen fans excited for more news and its eventual arrival.

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Bones & Avex Pictures Are Well-Equipped For New Anime Project

magical girl and the evil lieutenant used to be arch enemies manga cover

Avex Pictures has produced quite a few anime series, including Zombie Land Saga and Fruits Basket. Bones has several hit anime that it has produced, including Fullmetal Alchemist, Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia, Ouran High School Host Club, and Soul Eater. With all of these successful series in these companies’ portfolios, there’s a good chance that The Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used to be Enemies could also be a hit.

The Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used to be Enemies will have more news in the future.


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