Naruto’s Sasuke was inspired by a well-known 1990s Manga


Naruto has managed to win the hearts of many anime and manga lovers with its intense storyline, but not many know that Sasuke was inspired by a well-known 1990s manga.

Every author takes inspiration from things around them, and something similar happened with Naruto‘s author. Masashi Kishimoto did a lot of research before he wrote the famous manga. His effort paid off because the manga became an instant hit which even led to an anime adaptation. However, not many fans know about the origins of one of the characters that goes on to become a fan favorite.

Sasuke was inspired by a well-known manga

In an interview, the author revealed that the character of Sasuke was inspired by Hiei from YuYu Hakusho. The manga was released in 1994 and became popular within a short period of time.

Speaking about the character, Kishimoto said: “I was already a big fan of Hiei back when I was only a reader, but I also took him as a source of inspiration when I started creating my characters. At first, I wasn’t able to create a ‘cool’ character.”

He continued: “I didn’t know where to begin so I studied one of my favorite characters: Hiei, and I succeeded in creating Sasuke, the Sharingan as well as some of his other techniques were inspired by him.”

There is a manga called Sasuke

In the past, there were speculations that the character of Sasuke was inspired by a 1960s manga called Sasuke. The manga follows the life of a young boy named Sasuke Sarutobi.

Just like in Naruto, this Sasuke is also a ninja. The story focuses on his growth as he tries to take revenge on the people who took his mother’s life.

Meanwhile, there were theories that suggested Sasuke was inspired by a real-life ninja named Kozuki Sasuke, who was famous in the Meiji era. In reality, the character was also inspired by another manga.

Naruto was never supposed to be about ninjas

There is no doubt that Naruto has managed to break several records and even after existing for over a decade, the craze around it still remains. However, in reality, the story was never supposed to be about ninjas.

As strange as it sounds, Naruto was reportedly intended to be a story about a Chef apprentice. In fact, his name is also inspired by narutomaki, a type of fish cake that is often found in some ramen recipes.

The idea did not get a green signal from the editor which led Kishimoto to rethink the storyline.

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