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Ahsoka fans can’t get over Thrawn’s striking resemblance to Elon Musk


Star Wars is a franchise that is rich in influences, with George Lucas’ A New Hope inspired by the classic samurai films of Akira Kurosawa like The Hidden Fortress. However, sometimes influences are addressed by the creators and others are simply speculated amongst the fandom but never confirmed.

In the case of Ahsoka, episode 6 of the Disney+ series has resulted in audiences drawing parallels between Grand Admiral Thrawn and the richest man in the world. And that’s our world, not a galaxy far, far away.

Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn in uniform in Ahsoka
Ahsoka trailer cr. Star Wars official YouTube

Star Wars fans were over the moon to welcome the live-action debut of Thrawn at long last. His appearance was teased in the Ahsoka trailer, and after having treats like Anakin Skywalker cameo it’s evident that Dave Filoni and the team are committed to making each of the show’s episodes memorable.

Joining the cast as Thrawn we have Lars Mikkelsen, who reprises the role after having tackled it on the animated series Star Wars Rebels. Fans have seen Thrawn in that and read him in his own dedicated novels, but we’ve never seen him like this before.

Episode 6 offers him a grand entrance that teases him as an antagonist destined to stick around. However, audiences have also found themselves distracted by the villain’s striking resemblance to Elon Musk.

“Ahsoka keeps on serving but why does Thrawn look like a blue Elon Musk?” one fan asked on Twitter, or X, rather, the platform that Elon himself is chairman of.

“Thrawn looks like Elon Musk doing a bad cosplay,” one fan argued, with another saying “Thrawn not beating those Elon Musk allegations lmao.”

The CEO of Tesla and Space X often makes the headlines, but this is a little unexpected.

Others have even tweeted directly at him: “Hey Elon Musk. Are you by any chance a Grand Admiral?” Getting in on the joke, another tweeted “You did great tonight Elon,” with a picture of Thrawn.

“Disney literally turned Elon Musk into their villain Grandpa Admiral Thrawn,” a viewer joked, sharing a side-by-side profile of the two.

With the episode still recent and Thrawn set to stick around, the parallels and comparisons are highly unlikely to slow.

Although the fans are having fun with it, there’s definitely the chance that it could prove distracting as the series progresses. “Blue Elon Musk took me out of it a bit lol,” one admitted, with some making “Smurf Elon” digs clearly not impressed with the character design.

No interviews have cited Elon as an influence or inspiration on Thrawn, but the fans have truly run with it all the same.

Ahsoka is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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