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Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Rogue Mod APK 31.1..22 [Unlimited money][Free purchase][Unlocked][Endless]


This is Open Source rogue-like game based on famous Pixel Dungeon ( mostly on 1.7.2 but with some 1.7.5 elements ) with some additional features. Currently available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Polish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese maybe in other languages later. .Project was created to provide players with new experience and content. Another important part of our project is developing multilingual support for the game. With every update we try to stay as close to our community as possible. And if one day you\’ll see your idea implemented in the game…
Thanks for your creativity =)Follow us on twitter: additional info you can find at can find source for this game at You wish participate in localization to other languages please visit: can check
for full changelog or
for our remixed PD wiki (under construction for now)Differences from original:
– Option to change language.
– New Playable Classes (Elf and Necromancer)
– New Locations and Bosses
– New monsters (lot of them!) and NPCs
-Toxic gas and fire able to interact with more items
– Food will become rotten from contact with toxic gas
– Much more items now can burn!
– New item’s (Blank scroll, Ring of Stone Blood, Bows and Arrows)
– Potions can be used to moisten some items
– Seeds can be eaten now =)

A fantastic and difficult game that involves dungeon crawling with thrilling gameplay.
A deep understanding of an enemy leads to a combat system with a typical turn-based style.
change the hero’s appearance with a specific direction.
Given the dungeon and combat, this game features hilarious mechanisms.
Create and customize your own characters with multiple personalities.
Numerous variations exist in Epic Boss fights.
In the game of blackjack, aces count as one point, any other card is worth zero. The dealer busts if he gets a hand that has an Ace and any other card worth ten points or more.
New heroes and developments appear in each story.
Original features are identified by their high temperature.


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