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Why Are Her Pics Trending On Twitter? Check Here

What is Mehar Bukhari Leak Video? Is her Pics going viral on Twitter? Could you read the details about her Tweet here?

Where is Mehar Bukhari Leak Video? Who is Meher Bukhari? Why is Meher going viral on the internet platform? Where is Meher from, and what does she do? Why is Meher Bukhari the most searched keyword in a few countriesWhat happened with Meher? People from Pakistan are trying to locate the leaked video of Meher. Let us read all the details here.

Details About Mehar Bukhari Leak Video

Recently, a Journalist from Pakistan has been going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Meher Bukhari is a very famous and well-known Journalist. She has been active in the field for a long time now. There have been a lot of scandals she has been involved in. However, this time around, no scandal has surfaced. People may be searching for Mehar Bukhari Tweet and more out of curiosity. 

A few more things: when we searched for any leaked video of Meher, a scandal related to inappropriate pictures of Meher popped up. As per the provided details, Meher’s controversial pictures leaked on the internet and caused chaos. However, we could not gather much more information related to that scandal.

Note: The spelling of her name is ‘Meher’ as per official details. It is not ‘Mehar’ as written in the keyword.

Mehar Bukhari Pics & More

After the leaked video scandal broke out (which is not recent. It is around a decade old), people started to search for her bold pictures. However, there were no bold or hot pictures of Meher. It was just her senior pictures. There is a complied video on YouTube where you can see the old images of Meher. 

The search for Mehar Bukhari Pics is trending again. But there are no latest updates to the case. Meher is a Pakistani Journalist whose full name is Meher Abbasi Bukhari. As per details, she was born on 29th February 1984. The place of Meher’s birth has not been mentioned. She is married to Kashif Abbasi and has been working with ARY News since May 2023. Before that, she had worked with SAMAA TV, Dunya News, Hum News, and Dwan News. 

Mehar Bukhari Pics & More

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Details on Mehar Bukhari Twitter

Meher has a Twitter account and a Wikipedia page. Meher’s most controversial scandal was the Interview scandal in 2012. There was footage of Mehek, her co-host, and Malik Riaz. In the footage, there was an off-screen conversation between the three. As per the footage, the interview was staged and scripted to benefit the business tycoon of their country. Malik Riaz was the owner of Bahria Town. 

Here are the Meher’s social media details:

Mehar Bukhari Twitter Account 

Meher’s Instagram Account: 

Meher’s Facebook Account: 

Wikipedia Page of Meher Bukhari

Here are the Meher’s social media details


In today’s article, we have decided to provide all the details about Meher and her leaked video. We explained the scandals that involved Meher and gave a little brief about them. Meher was involved in a big scandal in 2012 and faced much backlash. However, today, she has a more stable career. People wanted to know about Mehar Bukhari Tweet, so we provided proper information. If you wish to watch the compilation of her old pictures, click here.

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