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Rick And Morty season 7 has a confirmed streaming schedule in the UK and it doesn’t involve Netflix

Rick And Morty season 7 hits UK streaming at long last and audiences can also tune into live episodes weekly too, although not on Netflix. HITC explains how to make sure you don’t miss out on the return of the acclaimed animated sitcom that sci-fi fans can’t get enough of.

Co-created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Rick And Morty made waves in 2013 for its subversive sci-fi takes, animation style, and winning sense of humor. A decade later it’s back for another fresh back of episodes, this time with fresh voices injecting new life into the titular characters. But first, let’s make sure you know where Rick and Morty season 7 is streaming in the UK.

Rick shouting at Morty in Rick and Morty season 7 teaser
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Rick And Morty season 7 UK streaming

Season 7 episode 1 of Rick And Morty is streaming on Channel 4‘s All4 service on Tuesday, October 17th 2023. New episodes are scheduled to premiere each Tuesday. The first episode premieres on E4 at 10 PM on the same date, and it will be available to stream on All4 from then.

This is later than the US, as Adult Swim is premiering new installments on Sunday nights. However, UK audiences don’t have to wait long at all to dive in.

It’s confirmed that season 7 will premiere on Netflix but only at a later date, so E4 and All4 are the only places to catch new Rick And Morty in the UK. Season 6 premiered on E4 in September 2022 and didn’t hit Netflix until June 2023, so we predict season 7 won’t reach Netflix until at least July 2024.

Rick And Morty season 7 UK schedule

Rick And Morty season 7 will be made up of 10 episodes in total, and you can check out the UK schedule with episode titles below:

Who voices Rick and Morty in season 7?

The two central characters were voiced by the show’s co-creator Justin seasons 1 through 6 but he has been replaced by Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden.

Ian now voices Rick whereas Harry has taken on the role of Morty.

The new additions were revealed when season 7 episode 1 premiered on Adult Swim on Sunday, October 15th 2023.

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